Why Should You Be Considering an App for Your Small Business?

 Izaak Crook
  Jun 11, 2018

A lot of small businesses are struggling to come up with new and engaging ways to stay ahead of their competition and remain relevant for their customers. Technology has shifted the way consumers operate in recent years and we are now in a position where the majority of internet searches and transaction take place on a mobile device as opposed to a traditional desktop or laptop. This change in device and screen size has resulted in many businesses struggling to keep up with the new trends and latest technologies. To remain ahead of the competition, it is essential to embrace these changes and avoid getting left behind.

Introducing mobile platforms for your business is a great way to keep up with the trend, and there are countless articles out there insisting that in order or your business to succeed you need to create an app. This isn’t always the case, it is rarely a necessity for a business to have its own app, but it is often beneficial and should definitely be considered. Here are our top reasons why you should be considering at the app for your small business:

Reward Loyalty

You can make both yours and your customers live easier through a loyalty app. Whilst loyalty programmes have been around for decades, using app technology to manage them is new, innovative and provides a wealth of benefits. Banish the need for loyalty cards that are both expensive to produce and hassle for customers to carry around and replace them with a loyalty app. Mobile apps can also be great for attracting new customers and rewarding your loyalist fans by utilizing social media; incentivizing your customers to share your app and offers on social media is a powerful marketing tool when done properly.

A New Revenue Stream

Many different industries can use app technology to open up new revenue streams for the business. Whether you run a retail outlet that can’t make money once the shop doors are closed or a food delivery service that relies on customers dialing their phones to place an order, an app can open a world of opportunities. Give your customers the ability to pay through an app as well as your traditional channels, and watch your extra revenue roll in.

Knowledge is Power

If you ever find yourself wishing you had more information about your customers, then an app that allows them to log in through social channels can help. Not only will you make it easy for your customers to log in as they don’t need to type lengthy email addresses and passwords, but you will gain vital information about them from their social pages. You can only receive the information they choose to share, but you might be surprised at how much personal data individuals share about themselves online.

Market Your Business

When used properly, apps can be powerful tools for marketing your products or services. They are successful as they allow you to target a group of people who are already aware of your business, they might be previous customers or just big fans of your brand, but either way, they already know and like you enough to have your app on their phone. You can connect with these people using push notifications within your app and entice them with special offers and sales targeted to them.

Become Accessible

Not only does an app give you a direct communication to your customers, but it allows them to contact you easily as well. Creating an app that can provide a messaging service can be a great benefit to your customers, providing them with an easy and hassle-free method to reach out to you. Providing prompt and personal responses to your customers leaves an excellent impression and satisfied customers who are more likely to come back again and again.

Build Your Brand

An app can be an excellent part of a larger brand strategy. If you want to build your brand identity and connect with your customers on an emotional level, then an app could be the answer. Get yourself an amazing App Maker and create an awesome branded app that is an extension of your physical business.

Why Should You Be Considering an App for Your Small Business?

Izaak Crook

Izaak Crook is the Content Marketing Manager at AppInstitute, a SaaS App Builder platform that allows anyone to create their own iOS and Android app without writing a single line of code.

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