Why Should You Undergo Basic Life Support (BLS) Training?

 Costea Lestoc
  Jul 25, 2018

Some fields of studies like those of Economics and Political Science have attempted to quantify the value of human life. Yet, interestingly, it isn’t quantifiable! However, human life should be preserved at all cost, and even if there are moves to legalize Euthanasia, for example, many of us approach the idea on tenterhooks. Why? The reason is obvious. Deep within our hearts, we believe that human life is something sacred, and therefore, should be protected at all cost.

Life as Filled with Risks

But life is fraught with risks! Every time you move, you expose yourself to more risks. Some of these risks are beyond your control, while some are not. Risks of fire, accidents, hazards, and many other dangers are just lurking around. Moreover, sometimes, you would witness an accident that results in injury to other people; hence, immediate medical care is needed. Without proper basic life support (BLS) training, you would feel helpless in the face of this accident, unable to provide the necessary first aid. Equipped with BLS training, however, you can confidently face this life-threatening situation and act accordingly. Lifesaver education is surely crucial to the saving of another person’s life.

What is Lifesaver Education?

If you think that you need a basic life support training, don't hesitate to enroll in basic life support classes. Unlike in formal classes, these classes are not strictly structured and can be completed within a day or two. You may think that you don’t need it at present. But soon, the lessons learned from these classes may come in handy. These classes typically outline the basic things you should do when dealing with incidents involving cardiac arrest, drowning, and choking.

Basic life support classes generally focus on the maintenance of ABC—airway, breathing, and circulation. So, basically in these classes, you will learn how to promote blood circulation. You will also learn pointers on how to unblock the airway passage and improve the breathing of a victim. Moreover, these classes also teach how to provide CPR to increase the available time before the arrival of Advanced Life Support (ALS) personnel. After completing these classes, you will be equipped with knowledge on how to properly respond to emergency situations. Furthermore, you will no longer be rattled or feel helpless in such instances.

Who Needs This Training?

Doctors and nurses, including paramedics, generally provide these training. People who usually take these classes are first responders like firefighters and police officers. These people basically need BLS to immediately provide the first line of medical assistance at the accident scenes.

If you are certified and you are able to perform first aid, there is an increased chance that employers will consider it an advantage. This could increase your chance of getting a job if you are seeking employment at the moment.

People who engage in public works in schools, restaurants, gymnasiums, environments and beachfront are generally advised to undergo this type of training. But even if you are simply a layperson who is not involved in any public work, you would surely find BLS classes handy in times of emergency.

Prepared for anything

Most people panic during an emergency. However, being prepared will help you remain calm during such situations and you will be able to take action. BLM training will offer you the confidence you need in order to act promptly when your help is needed.

Remember those small accidents can occur at any time, and professional help might not be available right away. For example, if you are on vacation in a remote area, it might take some time until emergency assistance arrives.

The Ultimate Reward of BLS Training

BLS training is not the end in itself. It’s just a means to enable a person to survive before the arrival of emergency services. Hence, you should call emergency services while engaging in BLS. You should also provide all the pertinent information about your location and the patient's condition.

The reward for helping another person to survive is not quantifiable. It is not also repayable. The moment you were able to save someone from possible danger and death, you would surely experience a certain sense of happiness that is really very fulfilling.

Why Should You Undergo Basic Life Support (BLS) Training?

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