Why Small Businesses Need to Start Investing in Mobile App?

 Vikash Jangid
  Jun 19, 2018

It is a much-asked question that if a small business needs to invest in developing a mobile app. The answer to this question is definitely yes. You might be wondering how a mobile app can support a small business in its growth and expansion as developing one is a costly affair.

When it is a misconception that developing mobile apps is expensive. The benefits of a mobile app to a small business outweighs the investment made in its development. Let’s explore why you should hire an application development company to develop the mobile app by outlining the benefits of a mobile app for a small business.

1. Better Customer Engagement with Minimum Efforts

As a small business owner, it is the main aim to reach out to more number of customers. Until now, most of the small businesses have been using traditional methods in order to increase their customer base like advertisements, billboards, newspaper, tv ads etc.

However, the time as changes and you need to adopt different new techniques to reach out to more potential customers. A mobile app offers you the opportunity to communicate with your customers in real-time directly. You can easily promote all of your products and services at a tremendous pace. The mobile apps also assist in taking an opinion poll of customers, and this can help in preparing better strategies.

2. Marketing Assets

Ever since the dawn of digital marketing, it has evolved in the sphere of business promotion, and we have witnessed that websites have been able to bring a lot of change. Now, its place has been replaced by mobile apps which are appearing as great marketing tool, especially for small business. This marketing tool has enabled the use of geolocation as well as beacon technology. It is helping the small business owners to easily track their customers on a real-time basis and also send specific messages whenever a customer is near the physical store location of the business.

It assists in decreasing the overall cost of marketing expenses. The small business can now focus on its customers and deliver what they are exactly looking for.

3. Gathering Customer Feedback

It is a tough market out there, and competition is at its peak. It is quite difficult to keep your customers interested in your business for a long time. Having said that, you are involved in taking valuable opinions of your customers it can improve your marketing strategy and helps you in offering better products as well as services.

Whether you have an iOS or Android app, the reviews and ratings can mean a lot in the App Store as well as Google Play Store. It is essentially a parameter which helps you to judge the services and products. If you are consistently receiving negative feedback, then you can easily look into the concerned matter and know what exactly is going wrong. You need to consider reviews and ratings of different customers with seriousness in case you want your small business to succeed.

4. Simplified Payment Process

Small businesses often have a problem with payments as they are generally dealing or conducting business transactions in hard cash. It is time to adopt a cashless system which will make your transactions simpler as well as hassle-free and also help you save a considerable amount of time. The time for using calculators to do mathematical operations has gone. With the introduction of different payment gateways, you can have a huge relief from these type of hectic tasks.

If you are receiving any payment from a party or customer, it can easily be credited to your account in few basic steps. In this same particular way, if you need to pay someone, then you can easily follow the same process. You don’t need to keep a separate registry for transaction records as everything is available on the mobile app.

5. Providing Loyalty Programs

With the mobile app introduction, we have witnessed the concept of loyalty programs. It is a great promotional strategy where you can provide rewards in the form of coupons or cash back to your existing customers who are currently using the mobile app for quite some time or being loyal to you in other ways.

The loyalty programs help in the engagement of the customers as well as collecting a lot of valuable information as well as inputs regarding likes and dislikes as well as the feelings and opinion with respect to your business. The loyalty programs enhance the user experience too. There are multiple mobile app development solutions which you can choose from to offer your customers with such programs.

6. Building Better Brand Image

Mobile apps can easily change the conventional buying and selling methods for customers and small businesses respectively. It assists the business in selling the products online at higher rate and speed, and you don’t need to convince your customer to purchase a product.

The customers generally select the products for their desired category, pay the amount, and the product is finally sold. In fact, the small business can create a better brand image by developing and offering a mobile app for its business. It allows the business to see the positive customer response when they visit the app and also navigate through the different products on display.

7. Mobile Customer Relationship Management

The Mobile CRM offers a quite a lot of help to the business owners. They can keep track of different customers, along with their contacts, personal information as well as purchase behavior at one particular place in the app. You don’t need to write everything with extensive details and waste your energy and time. It helps in bolstering your sales as well as provide quick information access at one go.


We have explored that mobile apps are a worthy asset for any small business. Small businesses should look forward to investing in the development of their mobile apps. The only thing that will matter the most is to hire app developer who can provide the services at reasonable cost. Once your business has an app, you will observe a positive output in no time. It will allow you to reach out to more customers, build better customer engagement, improve your brand, help you in the management of customer data, know the behavior of customers, and also have seamless payment process. It can boost your business to achieve its targets and become successful.

Why Small Businesses Need to Start Investing in Mobile App?

Vikash Jangid

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