Wireless Multi Room Audio Makes Entertainment Easy

 Ellen Parker
  Oct 25, 2016

Entertainment is meant to be just that – entertaining. Not a hassle, chore or extended to-do list. And thanks to advancements in multi room audio, you can enjoy every note and luster of full-bodied sound – without having to put your whole body’s effort into it. Here are some ways multi room speakers are paving the way for a more leisurely entertainment experience, so you can kick back and relax, enjoying life to your favorite tune.

What is Wireless Multi Room Audio?
Ready to go wireless? You’re not the only one. In fact, it’s predicted to jump 10% in the market in the next year, reaching 35% of home ownership by the end of 2016. And why do people like it – it’s easy.

In the early 2000’s wireless audio took the listening experience leaps in evolution by replacing traditional CD players that were still the latest technology on the market. With that advancement came the birth of the multi room speaker system in the short years that followed.

A Multi Room system is defined as a centralized sound system that can be synced to play on a single device or multiple devices throughout the listening area.

They are identified as a collection of speakers with multi room functionalities, streamlining audio from room-to-room of a given location, opening doors (and ears) for seamless sound easily controllable for the consumer’s listening pleasure. Most are controlled wirelessly for a seamless user experience.

Image Source: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/architectural-interior/house/3d-model-luxury-detailed-house-cutaway

Simple Set Up
One advantage of multi room systems is the surprisingly easy setup process. Think having speakers set up in multiple locations around the house all syncing together sounds complicated? Luckily the technology experts have that part pretty well mastered for an effortless experience.

While systems vary from make and model, most leading brands are as simple as unpacking the box, choosing your space and plugging in. The systems built for multi room audio automatically read each other and play as in sync as a Broadway quartet on their best day, and at the very moment of your command.

With wireless control, you also won’t be searching for a remote or running to the speaker to adjust the volume when someone forgot to turn down the sound. A simple swipe from your phone or nearest smart device will do. So no more remotes getting eaten by the couch.

Image Source: http://hifipig.com/denon-announce-heos-system-will-soon-be-google-cast-ready/

Easy Entertainment
The perks? Entertainment just got a whole lot easier. Never miss a beat to your favorite tune again as you wander room to room completing household tasks or mingle with guests. Since these systems are made to work as a team, there are no skips or lack of sound if your speakers are placed throughout your listening area. Imagine walking from the living room to the kitchen, to the garage and experiencing a continuous flow of your favorite symphony. That’s a truly beautiful thing.

Have some competing personalities in hour house? That’s fine – not everyone has to be on the same page all the time. Advanced speakers like HEOS multi room speaker system come with an easy app that let’s you control the same smooth tune throughout the house – or control each device separately all with the swipe from your smart device. That means you can keep the symphony going, while your 16 year old enjoys their own crazy jams in their own space.

Image Source: https://blog.soundcloud.com/tag/multi-room/

Whether your iPad or smartphone, the remote is in your hand, and the interface of today’s app development makes it easy for customized control from leading manufacturers of sound. Swipe on; swipe off. Swipe for seamless sound; swipe for all 5 of your household personalities to listen to their own tunes. Listening to jazz or soul? Many apps go a step farther allowing you to select pre-tuned audio adjustments for a personalized music experience just right for the mood.

Music Streaming
Are you a streaming music fanatic? Multi room system apps are intended to sync with the leading music streaming services, so you won’t have to make a new playlist just for your new system. Play your favorites from rockin’ music favs like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and more. Just be sure your top picks are listed on the services available from the make and model of the speaker system you finalize on so you won’t be disappointed when you get them back to your place.

Image Source: http://www.techinsider.io/how-spotify-discover-weekly-works-2015-9

Listening to good music shouldn’t be complicated, and multi room audio makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the music and entertainment experience to the max through customized control, easy presets, and seamless sound. So kick back, relax, and start enjoying entertainment the easy way – as it was always meant to be.

Wireless Multi Room Audio Makes Entertainment Easy

Ellen Parker

Ellen Parker, a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, writes about audio technology and equipment, digital trends, and home entertainment solutions. Her writing has appeared internationally in various print and Web-based venues. She is also an experienced editor and researcher specializing in wide-ranging technology-based subjects for general and specialized audiences.

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