WPEka - Find All the WordPress Themes & Plugins to Build WordPress Website Fast & Easily

 Denise Brown
  Aug 19, 2016

WordPress is the king of all the content management systems. I can say this because I am a WordPress developer. I know how WordPress adds efficiency to the website development process. Recently, as I was exploring the WordPress usage statistics, I found that today there are more than 46 million downloads for WordPress.org and moreover, 75+ million of the global websites (which is 26% of the total websites in the world) are based on WordPress CMS.

WordPress is a favorite CMS of all the businesses as well, which want to create online presence for their brand and promote their business right through the organic online searches. The reason for this is its best inclination with search engines. WordPress websites and blogs are said to show up really well in the search results and hence, can make up for good online presence to improve brand credibility and business for the firms.

It's not only the search engine compatibility that makes WordPress popular, it is also about its incredible plugins and themes as well that make this CMS platform distinct from the rest. While the plugins are responsible for controlling the behavior and features of a WordPress website, themes can play a significant role in emphasizing the presentation of the content of that website. Hence, you need both themes and plugins to get on to developing an ideal WordPress website for your needs efficiently and also quickly.

WPEka is one of the best places I have ever been to, till now. This is a single source destination for all the plugins and themes that can be used in a WordPress website.

Previously, finding an appropriate theme or plugins for a WordPress website was a time-consuming task. I had to dig deep into the internet in order to find the most relevant and appropriate plugins and themes for developing a custom WordPress website according to the needs of the client. Not only did this process consumed a lot of time, but also required a lot of efforts.

But, now with WPEka, this has become so easy. Now, I can find the best appealing themes and necessary plugins for my WordPress website in just a short while. This website has given me the resources that I badly required all the time to add up efficiency to my WordPress development process.

Thanks to WPEka! Now, I can develop a WordPress website within a day. Wondering How? Just keep reading to find out.

WPEka gives me access to all the important plugins and themes that I need in my website.

Template/Theme for WordPress Website

Initially as I start developing the website, I need a clean, good and attractive theme or say a design template to tell WordPress how my website should look.

To start up with my WordPress website, WPEka provides me with several free, premium and professional WordPress website themes which I can rely on. There are amazing themes available for business or corporate websites, ecommerce websites, blogs, online magazine sites and various other miscellaneous themes for forum, review and directory websites. There are specialized themes that follow Google AdSense placement recommendations, available on WPEka. Hence, I can easily browse and find a catchy theme for my WordPress Website here.

Plugins for Images or Image Layouts

Images are an essential part of any website which when placed in a right way and displayed in a catchy format can make website look outstanding. In WPEka, I found a few really helpful plugins that let me place my images in a proper format, very easily and really fast.

Carousel FX - This is a popular WordPress image slider plugin that I use often to give a captivating look to my websites with attractive and fully responsive image sliders. I can even create variations in sliders according to my needs. For instance, I can set multiple sliders in a single web page, set the carousel to auto play mode, show up multiple layouts for a single slider and much more.

WP Grid - I often create stylish picture galleries in my website which makes the images look ordered in a neat and proper format just like in Pinterest. The plugin offers more than 80 adjustable parameters with which I tune in the picture gallery to suit my website. I can add custom effects to the pictures, create a gallery from actual content, custom posts, attachments and WooCommerce products.

Collage Maker - Picture collage is quite popular way to display images on the websites and this WordPress plugin lets you create attractive collages for your website within least possible time. You can create multiple collage themes, add collage to custom posts and pages that are mobile-friendly.

Hence, with these plug-ins, I am ready to get going with image placements in my website. Through these, I can save up a lot of time which otherwise, I would require to order and place my images in the right format for appealing look. I can now create attractive image sliders, grids and collage to represent content and pictures in my website such that it outstands the rest.

Plugins you can use to customize Your Pages and Posts for your needs

WP Call to Action

Call to actions are important to get conversions for your website. If you want to convert your website visitors into customers, you cannot afford to miss out the CTAs. By placing them at prominent areas within your website you can ensure more click rate and leads for your business website.

WP Call to Action Widget helps you do this within fraction of time. You can readily place CTAs within posts, pages and widget areas you desire with this plugin.

WP Newsletter Signup

WP Newsletter Signup Plugin allows to add or set up a subscription form within any page or post quickly and also easily. I often recommend my clients to put up a subscription form in the website pages in order to get more conversions for them. It is only through this way that one can ensure that website visitors can be converted into subscribers and customers.

WP Testimonial Plus

Testimonials are crucial part of any business website because they show up the experiences of previous customers of the firm and hence, help the website visitors draw an idea about the products and services offered by the firm. Testimonials are said to have great impact on the minds of the visitors and hence are often preferred by the businesses to be placed on their websites.

WP Testimonial Plus allows to place these testimonials instantly in a WordPress website either within the particular page or commonly to appear on all the pages or posts throughout the website. I can now show up the testimonials on my WordPress website in a sophisticated and elegant way using this plugin.

Plugins for other miscellaneous needs

All these years as I developed WordPress website, I had to face different requirements with different websites. Every business website has its own needs, but still I was somehow able to find a suitable plugin for my needs on WPEka.

For instance, I wanted to customize menus in one of my websites to provide it with a better outlook, but within limited time and hence, was looking for a plugin for quick approach. WPEka sourced me with a powerful WP Insta Menu plugin that allowed me customize menus instantly. I was able to create a fully menu style for my website with optimal viewing experience across devices.

Similarly, there are plugins like WP Raffle to set up giveaways on WordPress website, WPLegalPages plugin that allows me develop proper legal pages on WordPress website, Backup Breeze plugin that allows to take up the backup of my WordPress website at any stage of development with a click and many more.

There are several SEO related plug-ins as well to support WordPress websites here.

So, I can definitely say that WPEka has always been my ultimate destination for all the WordPress plugins and themes, I have always desired for.

If you are looking for some awesome WordPress plugins to reduce your time for development without compromising on the efficiency, then go for WordPress Plugins and themes available at www.club.wpeka.com

WPEka - Find All the WordPress Themes & Plugins to Build WordPress Website Fast & Easily

Denise Brown

Denise Brown spent 7 years as a WordPress Developer. she manage various offshore/onsite projects in reputed company, kids of two gorgeous kids. swimming, writing, researching is her hobby.

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