Wrestling Rules that are Mandatory for the Wrestler

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 11, 2019

Currently, wrestling is on its peak. Wrestling is becoming more popular especially amongst the teenager as there are all elements of thrilling moments like other games. People nowadays, love watching sports which are packed with thrilled actions. Let’s discuss the wrestling rules deeply.

Wrestling is a hand to hand sport. It is called a combat sport too. The game demands a lot of stamina to last in the ring until the end. It means a player must be physically fit. In wrestling one player is supposed to put his opponent on her or his back to pin his rival. A pin (or a fall) is when you let your opponent down his/her back with the help of any part of both shoulders. It must last at least for two or three seconds to win the game. Suppose, if nobody gets pinned to each-other during the game, the wrestler who earns more points than his opponent throughout the game will be declared a winner of the game.

Wrestling Rules

Wrestling Rules with Wrestling Scoring Cheat Sheet:

Here, we have some ways to score more points during the game

  • You will get an extra two points for bringing your opponent down to the mate and take greater control over him/her. (2 Points)
  • You will get two points when you are brought down on the mat and bounce back from the bottom and take again control over your opponent.
  • You will get two or three points when you get your opponent pinned near fall points.
  • You will get 2 points when a near fall lasts for two seconds. And if a near fall continues for five seconds, you will get 3 points.
  • Your opponent will be given a reward as points if you do the following infractions.
  • If you are charged penalty the first and second time, your opponent will be given one point. If you are penalized by referee third time, two points go to your opponent. You are penalized the fourth time persistently, you will be driven out of the match; it means you will be held disqualified. You will be warned twice in case of an illegal starting position or false start. The more infractions are committed by the more points are given to your opponents.

Wrestling Rules Regarding Penalty:

Wrestling Rules

  • The referee can penalize in case of grabbing the mat, the singlet, or headgear.
  • In case, your opponent gets total control over your body, rules suggest that you are not allowed to lock or overlap your arms or finger around your rival body. If you do this illegal act will be penalized.
  • You complete the criteria for a near pin of your rival
  • In case, you shoulder your opponent off the mat

Technical Violation:

  • You will be penalized in case of going off the mat or forcing your opponent off the mat to be away from wrestling.
  • Without the referee’s consent, you leave the mat during the game.
  • Using unnecessary things in the game will result in a penalty.
  • You will be charged a penalty in case of keeping illegal weapons at the beginning of the game.
  • You can be punished for your misdemeanor during the match with your opponent or referee.
  • Any act of unsportsmanlike lead you to penalty.

Let’s Take a Look Again How a Wrestling Match is Scored in Nutshell.

The main goal of a wrestling match is to defeat your opponent by putting her/him down off the mat. The match is declared over when pin happens and whoever scores the pin wins. But in case the pin does not occur, the wrestler who has more points is declared a winner. The last two or three minutes can decide the winner. That means last moments are crucial for both wrestlers. You can earn more points if you perform your stances successfully, but if you commit any infractions, points are awarded to your opponent. So if you are really passionate about wrestling, you must follow the wrestling rules to be a qualified wrestler in the future.

Wrestling Rules that are Mandatory for the Wrestler

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