Yahoo Mail App Not Working on iPhone and Android- Then Get It Fixed!

 Sam Anderson
  Mar 01, 2018

Worried that your Yahoo account is not working on your iPhone and Android? It is surely a matter of concern. In the recent past, you have suffered a lot because of the several data breaches and security hacks that affect millions of Yahoo users, across the globe. However, the issue here is more of a technical nature.

So, your current objective will be to find a way to deal with the current situation. The problems you are encountering is not related to any security issue. Instead, you are having a tough time accessing Yahoo mail on your iPhone and Android devices. Naturally, the solution you seek is hard to obtain.

Considering the fact that you choose to stick with Yahoo mail, it does not mean you are bound to have a difficult time. Yes, there are some definite solutions that are progressively assigned to fix the turmoil, you happen to be facing at the moment.

By all means, you will experience serious outages in Yahoo mail app from time to time and this is one area, which you need to look at. All things technical do have their own set of issues and it is up to you to get them fixed, for your own good.

What must you do to fix problems related to Yahoo mail app on Android?

When you are not in a position to access Yahoo, there are several aspects that need to be taken into account. In most cases, the mail app freezes or fails to respond. Well, in such a scenario, you can take the corrective measures, which are being listed below, on a step- by step basis.

  • See if you are using the latest version of Yahoo mail and Android OS or not. If the answer is negative, make sure to upgrade both the app and the OS.
  • Sometimes, clearing the app data along with the cache files helps to fix the problem.
  • Try to Force Stop and Restart the Yahoo mail app. It does work and might be of some help.
  • When nothing works, try uninstalling and re-installing the app. Well, this is what the experts suggest and this step is probably one of the best ways to address the issue of Yahoo mail app.

The technical issues are somewhat easy to manage. However, the real deal is to solve the sign -in problems, which are never easy to handle. This usually happens:-

  • When you change your mobile number.

  • Issue with Two-step verification.

  • Yahoo Account Key related issue.

    Steps you can take to fix the sign -in problems

1. If you had changed your old number

  • To get it fixed, you need to access Yahoo on any browser on your desktop.

  • Sign in to Yahoo account. From here, proceed to profile Name > Account Info > Account Security.

  • You have to select Phone Number option and click on Add recovery phone number button.

  • You are now required to enter the new phone number.

  • Click on the SMS button to receive an Account Key on your phone.

  • Enter the key in the relevant field and hit the Verify button.

2. Issue with two-step verification and Account key

When it comes to Yahoo’s two-step verification and account key, the issue that crop up does make things difficult. However, the solution you are looking for is frankly very simple. What you can do is to create an app specific password by going to the account security tab and on selecting the generate app password button.

3. Connection Errors

Sometimes, the problems are also accentuated by connection errors. In case, the internet connection is not working properly, you are bound to have problems while trying to access the account on your Android device.

You can also check the app permission settings if they allow permission to connect with other third-party devices. It always makes sense to review the permission of the apps, so as to make that the apps are indeed enabled.

With the steps discussed above, there is a good chance of fixing the issues related to Yahoo mail app on your Android device.

How to fix problems related to Yahoo mail app on iPhone?

Yahoo mail, despite the many blemishes, is still preferred by millions of users. At the same time, accessing the Yahoo mail app on your iPhone is an altogether different experience. Here too, you may face a few problems that come up due to various reasons. It can be due to invalid settings, incompatible user and other non- technical errors.

Other than trying to figure out a comprehensive solution for the problems that you are facing, there is not much of any choice.

But the problem is you don’t really know, where and how to begin. In addition to these, you are not quite familiar with the recovery procedures.

However, this guide attempts to provide you a detailed idea of what must be done, in case you are having trouble with Yahoo mail on iPhone.

The Corrective Measures

1. Check your email by accessing on a different browser: Start by checking if your Yahoo mail account is properly functioning or not. To do so, try to sign-in to your account on a web browser of your choice on your personal computer. If you are able to access the account, then it means everything is fine. For confirmation, you can try sending a test mail to your own account. In case the email arrives, there is nothing for you to worry.

2. Restart and update the Yahoo mail app: Once the app becomes unresponsive, you can try to force it to close and open it again. You can also make it a point to update the app.

3. Re-add your email account to iOS mail using IMAP: You can configure the email account by following the “ Manual Setup” using IMAP. In doing so, you will eventually find a way to sort out the issue with considerable ease.

Manual Set up of Yahoo mail on iPhone

Follow the steps listed below, in case you don’t know how to manually set up the Yahoo mail account on iPhone.

  • Go to Settings app on your iPhone and make sure to tap on the Account & Password option.

  • In the next step, tap on the Add Account button and select Other.

  • Type your complete email address and the password in the new field to which you are redirected.

It is here that you are required to enter the IMAP settings for the Incoming and Outgoing server, as directed below:

Incoming Mail Server( IMAP)

* Server:

* Port:993

* Requires SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server ( SMTP)

* Server:

* Port : 465 or 587

* Requires SSL: Yes

  • It is here that you are now required to put up details related to your Yahoo mail address and that of the password in the relevant field. For the requires authentication option, mark Yes. You are also required to make sure to turn on ” Use SSL “ and set the valuation for “ Server Port” to 587. When you are finished with the task, click on the Done button.

By and large, resolving the Yahoo mail app on iPhone is not really a difficult prospect. Of course, the process involved is a bit tedious and at times, you might get confused with the whole flow.

However, in view of the circumstances, by following the steps discussed above, you will indeed have a chance to fix the problems, in case Yahoo mail app is not working on your iPhone or Android devices.

In short, there is no reason to panic, if your Yahoo mail app fails to respond. Make an effort to understand the issues and accordingly proceed to deal with the problem. Else, you can seek the opinion of the experts to get a better perspective on the issue.

Yahoo Mail App Not Working on iPhone and Android-  Then Get It Fixed!

Sam Anderson

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