You vs. Night Sweats - A Full Guide on Potential Causes and Paths to Relief

 Ivan Kolev
  Sep 14, 2017

When napping during the day, whether as a five-year-old child or a fully grown adult, you know it was a good one when you wake up drenched in sweat, hair sticking to your forehead and clothes damp and clinging to your body.

However, once the sun goes down and you find yourself waking up overheated and soaked, you know that you’re in for a night of restless sleep, tossing and turning, and removing layer after layer of covers and clothes until you know there’s nothing left but to deal with the unbearable heat that your own body seems to be emanating.

This isn’t just simple over-layering or your air-conditioning-went-out type of sweating. There are true medical conditions causing relentless hot flashes that are not a result of your environment, but are a result of something happening in your own body.

What causes those insufferable night sweats?

Sometimes you go to bed and wear socks and pants and a sweater, bundle yourself up under the covers and settle in for a cozy night of sleep. After a few hours you wake up, a little too warm with all of the articles of clothing and the mounds of down and blankets you’ve covered yourself with.

The fix is simple: peel off the layers and head back to snoozing. When the warmth you experience comes from nothing buy your own body, there may be other issues at hand causing such uncomfortable and sleepless nights.

Perimenopause and Perspiration

The beginning stage of menopause is known as menopause is called perimenopause. Women will start to experience the symptoms of actual menopause during this time and they will continue through the process of actual menopause.

During this time of a woman’s life, they will commonly experience hot flashes throughout the day, lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to as long as 10 minutes. At night, these hot flashes combined with the fluctuation of estrogen levels can confuse the hypothalamus, a small part of the brain that regulates body temperature.

The hypothalamus will then work to correct the problem that it thinks is there, resulting in an increase of body temperature and heart rate. Women will wake up sweating with their heart racing. It can be difficult to cool back down and fall asleep after such an occurrence.

The Sweltering Side Effects of Sicknesses

There’s a plethora of medical issues that can cause night sweats. Similar to how menopause can cause increased body temperature and heart rate, certain hormone disorders like hyperthyroidism or problem with your blood sugar regulation can also affect the body in a similar way.

Medications Making You Melt

In addition to all of these, a number of medications that treat depression and other psychiatric medications are known to cause night sweats. Even medications as commonplace as aspirin and Tylenol can lead to sweating.

There are a number of serious medical issues that can cause you to wake up with night sweats, but only a doctor are able to diagnose what the root cause of your night sweats may be. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there could be a very simple explanation to the sleepless, sweating nights, as simple as your mattress choice.

What is Your Mattress Doing For You?

Your night sweats could potentially be the cause of something else altogether - your mattress.

They type of mattress that you have could be the cause of your raised body temperature and your over-production of sweat.

If your mattress is soft and you sink into it, the ability of air to flow around your body is impeded and you create a heat trap. Latex mattress owners and memory foam mattress owners tend to sleep the hottest, simply because there’s no enough air circulation.

The solution could be as simple as getting yourself a cooling mattress pad.

Passive and active cooling mattress pads

Ice fiber and air foam technologies have been combined to create a gel that has been infused into a cooling mattress pad. At first site, these might look like an ordinary pad or topper. It’s the heat-dissipating properties of the material that allow for the extra air to flow in, making a more breathable sleeping environment.

But even the best cooling mattress pad of this type will be the choice of those with mild cases of nights sweats.

The more advance option - active pads

People with a more serious problem might look into active cooling mattress pads and toppers.

The “word” active is pretty self-explanatory here, it means that there is a “working” part involved, like fans or water systems.

These cooling pads are more intricate and are more of a cooling sleep gadget or system than a simple pad, per se. The best cooling mattress pads of this type include advanced technologies and usually track more than just your body temperature – you can see the top-rated cooling mattress pads on

Craft a plan and find the cause

If what we talked about describes your issue, the first step towards relief is re-examining your sleep habits, especially if your think that your mattress might be the cause. If you right, chances are, you’ll soon be enjoying a cool night of peaceful slumber once again.

Start by crafting a plan that will eliminate the potential causes one by one, starting with the aforementioned medical issues that might be the cause.

Only when you’ve eliminated the potential internal causes, you can take a more “relaxed” approached and explore some of the cutting-edge sleep technology like the cooling mattress pads.

Hot flashes and night sweats are nothing to be shrugged off. Don’t just accept the restless sweaty nights, pinpoint the root causes and address them systematically.

You vs. Night Sweats - A Full Guide on Potential Causes and Paths to Relief

Ivan Kolev

Ivan Kolev is a sleep-therapist and a blogger based in Folsom, California. In his own words, the purpose of his writing is to, "Wake people up to the importance of proper sleep."

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