How to use

WeSRCH is designed to allow users to:

  • Increase their visibility as a professional
    • - A professionals' name is their brand value
  • Extend their reach beyond the people they know
  • Enhance their career
  • Network with other professionals
  • Have one central knowledge base for learning and keeping up-to-date

Start by creating your profile

New users are encouraged to go to the myweSRCH tab on the right side of the home page and create a profile with an initial description of themselves, with a photo or "icon" of themselves if they choose. It's that simple! We've made it fully searchable to find other professionals to network with and increase employment opportunities.

Upload papers and presentations

Good papers and presentations typically get 300 or more views in the first few days. It doesn't have to be original. weSRCH was designed to get more visibility to work that had already been presented (most conference presentations are to typically a tenth these numbers, so it really does extend the reach of your work). Technical articles and press releases can be posted in two forms: text files or PDF files. Go to the Upload tab and follow the route for technical articles, or the path for press releases. For the technical articles, we encourage the authors to develop graphics which illustrate the text, in either JPEG or PDF formats.

Let yourself be heard

Comment on papers and press releases. Participate in or even form communities.

Be respectful

weSRCH users should be extremely vigilant about Intellectual Property rights. Any person, who publishes IP which belongs to another person or organization, including plagiarism or theft of intellectual property, will be barred from the site.

We hope you enjoy WeSRCH. Further questions can be addressed on our Feedback Page