360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter- August 27, 2015

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360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter - Aug 27, 2015

Featured Video from Space.com: Stem Cells In Space Can Solve Plant And Animal Problems

“When challenged by microgravity, living organisms’ genes can ‘turn on,’ transforming growth. Scientists at Zero Gravity Solutions work to direct cells toward healthier, hardier strains. It’s not genetic engineering, but accelerated hybridization.”

World Stem Cell Summit

Nature: China Announces Stem Cell Rules- The Long-Awaited Regulations May Curb Rogue Clinics Offering Unproven Treatments
According to the cited article, the new measures set forth requirements for clinical studies including securing patients’ informed consent and using clinical-grade stem cells that have been approved by an independent body. Stem-cell clinical studies can only be carried out only at authorized hospitals and forbid the hospitals from charging recipients or advertising. Researchers who want to do pilot studies will need to register with the health ministry with documentation showing that there are sufficient animal studies to support trials in humans and that they are using certified cell lines verified by independent evaluation.

Till & McCulloch meetings

HealthCanal: Discoveries at Johns Hopkins-Jammed Up Cellular Highways May Initiate Dementia and ALS
“Johns Hopkins researchers say they have discovered some of the first steps in how a very common gene mutation causes the brain damage associated with both amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD).” The study was published in Nature.

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Program Agenda Now Posted- VIEW here

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Life Interrupted

MiMedx Group: Company Announces Publication of Latest Scientific Study Demonstrating the Ability of its Allografts to Regulate Diabetic Stem Cells
“MiMedx Group, a leading regenerative medicine company utilizing human amniotic tissue and patent-protected processes to develop and market advanced products and therapies for the Wound Care, Surgical, Orthopedic, Spine, Sports Medicine, Ophthalmic and Dental sectors of healthcare, announced that its latest peer-reviewed scientific study was published in Advances in Wound Care, demonstrating that dHACM grafts can biologically stimulate type I and II diabetic adipose derived stem cells through a variety of mechanisms that are critical to accelerate healing of chronic wounds. Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting 347 million people globally and causes complications that lead to both patient morbidity and mortality. Up to 25% of all people with diabetes will develop chronic wounds, which without proper treatment, are the cause of 70-84% of lower limb amputations.”


U.K.’s Cell Therapy Catapult Welcomes Planning Decision for Manufacturing Center
“The Cell Therapy Catapult has welcomed the decision by Stevenage Borough Council to grant planning permission to construct its £55 million large-scale GMP manufacturing center. The 7200m manufacturing centre, which is expected to open in 2017, will be managed by the Cell Therapy Catapult and will be used for manufacture of products for late phase clinical trials and commercial supply of advanced therapeutic medicinal products including cell and gene therapies.”


Business Insider Australia: Ambitious Group of Scientists Are Trying to End Blindness Forever
“The Australian National Eye Institute has launched the Audacious Goals Initiative, the ‘audacious goal’ being finding a way to regenerate those lost nerve cells and restore vision to millions.” The article covers stem cells and research on the bionic eye.


The Current: A Treatment in Sight- A New Therapy for Retinitis Pigmentosa, Developed in Part at UCSB, Begins Clinical Trials
“The disease, which affects approximately 1.5 million people in the world, has no cure, but thanks to a clinical trial that was based in part on research done at UC Santa Barbara, a new stem cell therapy may soon be available that protects photoreceptor cells from the damaging effects of the mutation. So far, four legally blind patients with RP have begun the trial. “ The clinical trial is funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).


Space.com: Mayo Clinic’s Stem Cells Survive Wild Ride on Prototype Space Capsule
“Despite a rough landing, stem cells riding in a prototype capsule survived a long fall back to Earth during a drop test — part of an initiative to research the cells in space.
The RED-4U capsule was created by Terminal Velocity Aerospace (TVA) to return science experiments to Earth and carried a cargo of adult stem cells, which can grow into any cell type. The cells, provided by the Mayo Clinic, are thriving despite a parachute's deployment issue.” The Mayo Clinic has a $300,000 grant from the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) to develop techniques for growing stem cells in space.

360 Newsletter Editor

Bernard Siegel
Executive Director
Genetics Policy Institute

Stem Cells and the Transformative Power of Hope-a TEDx talk by Bernard Siegel, Editor of 360 Newsletter

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