360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter- January 20, 2015

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360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter - Jan 20, 2015

Featured Video : MIT expansion microscopy explained

“MIT researchers led by Ed Boyden have invented a new way to visualize the nanoscale structure of the brain and other tissues. Unlike traditional microscopy, which involves magnifying the image, the new method works by physically enlarging the specimen itself, in some cases more than five times in each dimension.” The research was funded in part by the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF). For more information, click here.
World Stem Cell Summit

You can now view many of the prominent panel discussions and keynote speeches by top experts. If you missed out attending WSCS14 or missed some of the valuable presentations in the multi-track event . Note that the video portal page will be updated weekly. Our overarching mission at Genetics Policy Institute is to create public awareness and share knowledge to advance the field. Therefore, GPI is pleased to provide access to these videos free of charge.
Detroit Free Press: Second frontier unfolds in University of Michigan embryonic stem cell work
Robin Erb of the Detroit Free Press describes stem cell advances at U-M, “where they have ‘differentiated’ human embryonic stem cells into heart and nerve cells to study how disease takes hold in the human body.” Dr. Gary Smith, director of MStem Cell Laboratories, provides expert commentary in an accompanying video.
The Life Sciences Report: Where do cures reside? Morrie Ruffin and Michael Werner of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) think the answer is in regenerative medicine
In 2009, two veterans of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), Morrie Ruffin and Michael Werner, launched the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), a major lobbying group now comprised of close to 200 member organizations mainly represented by industry. In this interview, Morrie (ARM managing director) and Michael (ARM executive director) discuss regulatory issues and the overall robustness of the industry. Ruffin is also the managing partner of Adjuvant Partners, a boutique regenerative medicine and advanced therapies business consulting firm. Michael Werner is a law partner at Holland & Knight.
Cesca Therapeutics
BIS: Stem cell launch puts Bahamas at head of global stem cell development
Editor’s note- Why should a small island country have any aspirations to become a leader in stem cell development? There is more to the story than meets the eye. The Government of the Bahamas is wrestling with the ethics of regulating stem cell therapies and the potential of economic growth. To those readers interested in the deep background, I strongly urge that you invest 40 minutes and watch the thoughtful, entertaining, extemporaneous speech of Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie, himself the father of an autistic child. He explains the huge promise of stem cells and the government’s goal that the Bahamas create legislation regulating stem cell therapies that “will pass the test of scrutiny.” He drops the names of millionaires and billionaires, such as Craig Venter and K.T. Lim, and others that are considering major health care investments in the Bahamas. The country is working with the University of Miami to find the right model. PM Christie’s talk is presented in two videos, see Part One and Part Two.
Coriel Institute
University of Michigan Health System: Stem cell success- one couple’s effort to protect their son from fatal nerve disease will help other boys too
In U-M MStem Cell lab, a donated embryo leads to the creation of a stem cell line that generates nerve cells for U-M scientists & others worldwide to study. “Each of the lines contains a genetic defect that leads to a devastating disease. In ALD’s case, it’s a rare disorder that causes damage to the fatty covering on nerve fibers in the brain, resulting in serious medical, developmental and mental health difficulties. In boys, it begins during childhood or the teen years, and kills within a few years. When the gene defect doesn’t start making its presence known until adulthood, it produces crippling nerve damage and other effects. It’s the same disease featured in the 1992 movie Lorenzo’s Oil.
BioScience Technology: Egg and sperm cells made from adult cells
Science writer, Cynthia Fox, provides an illuminating article describing research with potentially large societal implications. “For the first time, scientists have made human sperm and egg precursor cells from human adult skin cells. The work, detailed in a recent Cell paper, could ultimately change the age at which women stop having children.”
Targeted Tech
Controversy- patients question credentials of Canadian doctor, who recruited patients for therapy in India. Regenetek under scrutiny.
CBC News presents all sides of the controversy. The article links to a video featuring MS patients who are impacted by the claims that the purveyor of stem cell treatments lacked credentials or proven treatments.
Cell Therapy Catapult (UK) licenses Nobel Prize-winning intellectual property for cell bank
“The Cell Therapy Catapult which is focused on the development of the UK cell therapy industry to increase the nation's health and wealth has signed a patent licence agreement with iPS Academia Japan which represents a pivotal step in the development of the UK's GMP induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell bank.
Under the agreement the Cell Therapy Catapult is permitted to sub-license manufacture and commercialize iPS cell lines for use in early-stage research and clinical trials. With iPS cells gaining in importance as a source of new therapies and the first products in clinical trials the cell bank is of strategic importance to the UK cell therapy community.”
Fish & Richardson
Capital: State of New York awards $36 million for stem cell research
“Weill Cornell Medical College and the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City as well as the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo will split $36 million in state funding for stem cell research. The funding is available through the New York State Stem Cell Science Program, which has invested more than $300 million since 2007.”

360 Newsletter Editor

Bernard Siegel
Executive Director
Genetics Policy Institute

Stem Cells and the Transformative Power of Hope-a TEDx talk by Bernard Siegel, Editor of 360 Newsletter
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