360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter - June 30, 2016

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360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter - June 30, 2016

Featured video Forbes.com:

Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy. This video features Sean Parker and Dr. Carl June discussing the Parker Foundation’s funding of the first human clinical trial utilizing CRISPR.

Singularityhub.com: CRISPR Targets Cancer in First Human Trial — What You Need to Know
“On June 21, an advisory panel from the National Institute of Health (NIH) green lighted a proposal to use the game changing technique to tackle three different kinds of cancer. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania who are spearheading the small trial, hope to use the technique to edit genes in a patient’s own immune cells, reprogramming them to recognize and attack cancer at the first signs of growth. In an eyebrow-raising twist, the trial is funded by former Facebook president Sean Parker. Earlier this year, Parker announced a $250 million foundation aimed at uniting immunotherapy researchers to solve cancer.” Read article.

World Stem Cell Summit

Pre early bird registration open! – World Stem Cell Summit & RegMed Capital Conference
Pre-early-bird registration is now open for the 12th annual World Stem Cell Summit, the original, translation-focused, interdisciplinary, networking, and partnering conference in the stem cell science and regenerative medicine field.

  • Give high-touch visibility to your work, product or service
  • Connect with thought leaders, decision makers, -and influencers from the top organizations in the field
  • Associate your brand with a world-class event
  • Break the silos: forge collaborations and build relationships across disciplines
  • Expand your knowledge about hot topics and future trends

Learn more.

World Stem Cell Summit

Nature News: UK Scientists in Limbo After Brexit Shock- Researchers Organize to Lobby for Science as Country Prepares for Life Outside the EU
According to the Nature article, a “UK exit from the EU could also reshape the policy landscape for the countries that remain in the bloc.” Read article.

Wake Forest

NEWSMAX health: Stem Cell Treatment May Help Knee Arthritis
“For those who suffer debilitating arthritis in their knees, researchers report in a small study that just one injection of stem cells can reduce pain and inflammation. The idea is experimental: Extract stem cells from a patient's own body fat -- cells known for their ability to differentiate and perform any number of regenerative functions -- and inject them directly into the damaged knee joint.” The study was published in the official journal of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, STEM CELLS Translational Medicine. Read article.


Bloomberg: Stem Cell Crusader Sparks New Hope for Fighting Diabetes, Heart Disease- RegMed Could be $120 Billion Dollar Industry by 2030
This article describes the groundbreaking discoveries of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, Japan’s bold steps to advance regenerative medicine and the promise of the multi-billion dollar RegMed industry. Read article.


International Business Times (Australia): Engineered Blood Vessels Top List of New Medical Technologies Worth Watching
“The bioengineered blood of Humacyte, called Humacyl, has the potential to eliminate surgeries to re-sectioning the existing blood vessels of a patient for procedures such as coronary artery bypass.” Read article.

Science Daily: Non-Healing Tissue from Diabetic Foot Ulcers Reprogrammed as Pluripotent Stem Cells
“Researchers at Tufts University have established for the first time that skin cells from diabetic foot ulcers can be reprogrammed to acquire properties of embryonic-like cells. These induced pluripotent stem cells might someday be used to treat chronic wounds. The study is published online in in Cellular Reprogramming. A second study from the research team published in Wound Repair and Regeneration found that a protein called fibronectin is linked to a break-down in the wound-healing process in cells from diabetic foot ulcers.” Read article.

THE “REGROW “Act- a new FDA regulatory pathway for cell therapies! Get the facts at www.celltherapynow.org

CBS News: Stem Cell Doc Faces Manslaughter Charge Over Transplants
“A disgraced stem cell scientist is facing preliminary charges of involuntary manslaughter in connection with two patients who died after windpipe transplants, according to Swedish prosecutors. Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, who was fired earlier this year from the Karolinska Institute, is also being investigated in two cases of causing bodily injury. One of those cases was related to a windpipe transplant, and the other to a different type of operation.” 360 Editor’s comment: Surely this is close to the worst stem cell headline ever. Sadly, I actually have read worse! Justice will be served. Read article.

The Comfort Sound

Retraction Watch: Here’s Why This Lawyer Defends Scientists Accused of Misconduct
360 comment: I thought this interview from one of my favorite blogs was of topical interest when coupled with the Macchiarini article above. Lawyers are not out to win popularity contests but to provide zealous representation.

“More scientists are trying to settle accusations of misconduct in court, a trend very familiar to Washington, DC-based lawyer Paul Thaler. Regular readers may recall the name of one of Thaler’s clients — Rakesh Kumar, a scientist at George Washington University who filed an $8 million lawsuit for how the school handled an investigation into his work. He’s also representing Bharat Aggarwal, the subject of an investigation at MD Anderson who has threatened to sue us (and logged his ninth retraction this week). For 25 years, Thaler has been representing scientists embroiled in misconduct proceedings. He spoke to us about his family’s highly pedigreed background in science, and why everyone deserves an advocate.” Read full interview.

360 editor’s note: DON’T MISS A THING! KEEP INFORMED on the latest developments relating to stem cells and translational medicine at the online Stem Cells Portal. The Portal is affiliated with the official journal of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, Stem Cells Translational Medicine, published by AlphaMed Press.

UPI: Naked Mole-Rats Show Impressive Resistance to Cancer
“Researchers are closer to uncovering the impressive cancer resistance of the naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber, a species that spends most of its life beneath the desert sands of East Africa. With lifespans of nearly 30 years, naked mole-rats are the planet's longest-living rodents. When captured, colonies of mole-rats rarely exhibit signs of cancer. Recently, scientists in Japan successfully reverted mole-rat skin cells to pluripotent stem cells, an undifferentiated cell with potential to transform into any specific cell type.” Read article.

360 Editor’s comment: In 2014, I had the “pleasure” of handling some naked mole-rats and their cousins while visiting Dr. Rochelle Buffenstein at the Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies located in San Antonio, Texas. You can see just how much I enjoyed the experience from the pictures below. Note that judging from their expressions, the mole-rats were probably equally displeased with me.

360 Newsletter Editor

Bernard Siegel
Executive Director
Regenerative Medicine Foundation

Bernard Siegel's TedX talk "Stem Cells and the Transformative Power of Hope"

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