360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter- November 11, 2014

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360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter - Nov 11, 2014

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San Antonio leaders provide welcome message to the global stem cell community to the 10th anniversary World Stem Cell Summit, December 3-5!
Harvard Gazette: A promising strategy against HIV- Researchers genetically ‘edit’ human blood stem cells
“Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) researchers at Massachusetts General (MGH) and Boston Children’s hospitals (BCH) for the first time have used a relatively new gene-editing technique to create what could prove to be an effective technique for blocking HIV from invading and destroying patients’ immune systems. This is the first published report of a group using CRISPR Cas technology ― it stands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat-activated cells ― to efficiently and precisely edit clinically relevant genes out of cells collected directly from people, in this case human blood-forming stem cells and T-cells.” The research was published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.
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NYSCF: Scientists create Parkinson’s disease in a dish
“A team of scientists led by The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute successfully created a human stem cell disease model of Parkinson’s disease in a dish. Studying a pair of identical (monozygotic) twins, one affected and one unaffected with Parkinson’s disease, another unrelated Parkinson’s patient, and four healthy control subjects, the scientists were able to observe key features of the disease in the laboratory, specifically differences in the patients’ neurons’ ability to produce dopamine, the molecule that is deficient in Parkinson’s disease. In addition, the scientists also identified a potential strategy for developing novel therapies for Parkinson’s disease.” The research was published in Cell Reports.
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The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) elects Edward Lanphier as Chairman, welcomes new officers and executive committee members
The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), an international organization representing the regenerative medicine and advanced therapies community, announced the incoming leadership.
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Science AAAS: Stem cell recipes go head to head
I really liked this Science blog by Kelly Servick summarizing the latest comparisons between induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC’s) and cells produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). New research conducted by Dr. Dieter Egli at the NYSCF doesn’t reveal much difference. But more research is needed.
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Laboratory Equipment: Australian research shows low levels of common toxin can alter stem cells
“World-first research at the Univ. of Adelaide in has found that even low levels of a common toxin in drinking water are enough to cause problems in developing brain cells — but there's no cause for alarm for water drinkers just yet. For her PhD in the university's School of Medical Sciences, Katie O'Neill is conducting laboratory studies to see what happens when apparently ‘safe’ levels of the water-borne toxin known as saxitoxin come in contact with model brain cells.”
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Salk Institute: scientists discover a key to mending broken hearts
“Researchers at the Salk Institute have healed injured hearts of living mice by reactivating long dormant molecular machinery found in the animals’ cells, a finding that could help pave the way to new therapies for heart disorders in humans. The new results suggest that although adult mammals don’t normally regenerate damaged tissue, they may retain a latent ability as a holdover, like their distant ancestors on the evolutionary tree. When the Salk researchers blocked four molecules thought to suppress these programs for regenerating organs, they saw a drastic improvement in heart regeneration and healing in the mice. The findings provide proof-of-concept for a new type of clinical treatment in the fight against heart disease, which kills about 600,000 people each year in the United States–more than AIDS and all cancer types combined.” The research was published in Cell Stem Cell.
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UCLA: Scientists propose benchmark for better replication of natural stem cell development in the lab
“In a study that could provide the foundation for scientists to more precisely replicate natural stem cell development in an artificial environment, researchers at the UCLA Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research have established a standard to assess how conditions used to procure stem cells in the lab compare to those found in a human embryo.” The study was published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.
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ISCO: FDA clears parthenogenetic stem cell line for clinical uses
According to a company media release, International Stem Cell Corporation, a California-based biotechnology company developing novel stem cell based therapies and biomedical products, announced that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared ISCO's human parthenogenetic stem cells line for investigational clinical use. ISCO's unique core technology, parthenogenesis, results in the creation of pluripotent human stem cells from unfertilized oocytes (eggs).

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