360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter- October 01, 2015

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360 Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Newsletter - Oct 01, 2015

Featured video from MacArthur Foundation:

Dr. Lorenz Studer Receives 2015 MacArthur 'Genius' Award
“Lorenz Studer, Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, is a stem cell biologist pioneering the large-scale generation of dopaminergic neurons for transplantation, a breakthrough that could provide treatment for Parkinson’s disease and, eventually, other neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinson’s, caused by the death of dopamine-generating cells in the brain, affects half a million people in the United States and up to five million worldwide. At present, there is no cure.”

Business Standard: Fujifilm Establishes "Cellular Dynamics International Japan" to Launch IPSC Business for Drug Discovery Support in Japan
"FUJIFILM Corporation announced that it will establish Cellular Dynamics International Japan Co., Ltd., a company for developing, manufacturing and marketing differentiated cells derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem cell (IPS Cell) on October 1 for building IPSC business to support drug discovery in Japan. CDJ will initially import IPSC cell-derived differentiated cells designed for drug discovery support, manufactured by the U.S.-based Fujifilm Group company, Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. (CEO Kazuyoshi Hirao, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin) and market them to universities, research institutes and private enterprises in Japan."

World Stem Cell Summit

Update: World Stem Cell Summit & RegMed Capital Conference

Discount registrations end October 25! Register now. View speakers. View agenda.


How Advanced Blood & Tissue Banks are Engendering Growth in Regenerative Medicine- Supported by BioBridge Global

Stem Cell Science on the Frontier- Infertility and Mitochondrial Disease

Regenerative Medicine for Healing Wounded Warriors- From Funding Research to the Clinical “Here and Now”

Harvard Medical School: The Final Word on STAP-Researchers Fail to Replicate STAP study; Computational Analysis Reveals Genomic Inconsistency
“Tremendous controversy erupted in early 2014 when two papers published in Nature described how a technique called ‘stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency,’ or STAP, could quickly and efficiently turn ordinary cells into pluripotent stem cells, that is, stem cells capable of developing into all the tissues in the body… As a result, a group of scientists representing seven international laboratories and led by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital pooled their collective efforts to replicate STAP, which included experiments conducted in the lab where STAP was first developed. They also went beyond the original experiments and analyzed publicly available genomic sequence data with newly developed bioinformatics algorithms. Collectively, researchers worldwide were unable to replicate the findings reported in the original STAP papers. These negative results will be published in Nature.” 360 Editor’s comment: That’s it. STAP’s down for the count!

The San Diego Union-Tribune: CIRM encourages Parkinson's group
“A San Diego-based group working for Parkinson's disease stem cell therapy got good news. The state's stem cell agency said the group can submit a proposal to fund its work in a matter of days. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, or CIRM, said it will begin accepting applications in seven days to fund projects that prepare research for clinical trials. These ‘translational’ programs provide the bridge between basic scientific research and clinical trials. Members of the group, Summit for Stem Cell, cheered when the announcement was made by CIRM president C. Randal Mills.” 360 Editor’s comment: Cheers to the persistence of the advocates! It serves to remember the famous point made by Frederick Douglas: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

Phase 2 Trial Results Show Mesoblast Cell Therapy has Greatest Cardioprotective Effect In Patients with Advanced Heart Failure
According to a company press release, Mesoblast’s additional Phase 2 trial results of its lead product candidate for the treatment of chronic heart failure (CHF) showed that Mesoblast's mesenchymal precursor cell (MPC) therapy had the greatest cardioprotective effect in the subset of patients with more advanced heart failure.

Biobridge Global

BBC News: UK Stem Cell Trial Aims to Cure Blindness
“Surgeons in London have carried out a pioneering human embryonic stem cell operation in an ongoing trial to find a cure for blindness for many patients. The procedure was performed on a woman aged 60 at Moorfields Eye Hospital. It involved ‘seeding’ a tiny patch with specialized eye cells and implanting it at the back of the retina. The London Project to Cure Blindness was established a decade ago to try to reverse vision loss in patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Ten patients with the wet form of AMD will undergo the procedure.” 360 Editor’s note: This story has been widely reported. We have included the BBC article because it links to useful videos about the terrible affliction- AMD.

Life Interrupted

ISSCR MEDIA RELEASE: International Society for Stem Cell Research Announces New Policy Hire
The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has named Kevin Wilson to a new position as Director of Policy. Mr. Wilson will be responsible for directing, planning and executing the Society’s policy initiatives to impact standards, policy and regulation pertaining to stem cell research at the state and federal levels as well as internationally. “ISSCR is expanding the scope of its engagement with the public and with policy makers to ensure we have effective and appropriate regulation of stem cell research and clinical translation,” said Sean Morrison, PhD, President of ISSCR. “Our goal is to improve human health worldwide through stem cell research. That can only occur if regulation is based on a sound understanding of the science and the remarkable opportunities before us." For the past fourteen years, Mr. Wilson was the Director of Public Policy at the American Society for Cell Biology where he worked on a wide range of policy issues impacting multiple aspects of medical and scientific research. Prior to that he spent many years working for members of Congress on both the House and Senate side. Mr. Wilson begins his new role with ISSCR in October and will be based in Washington, D.C. 360 Editor’s comment: ISSCR now has its own voice on the Hill! This is an important step for the largest scientific society in the field. ISSCR has retained one of Washington’s foremost stem cell policy experts. Kevin served many years on the board of the Coalition for Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR).

Till & McCulloch meetings

New York Blood Center: New Collaboration to Foster Groundbreaking Advancements in Regenerative Medicine
“New York Blood Center (NYBC) and the Howard and Abby Milstein Foundation announced a further expansion of their collaborative efforts to advance the use of specialized stem cell lines in regenerative medicine.
In August, NYBC announced a partnership with the University of California, Davis, Health System to manufacture specialized lines of stem cells as potential therapies for the repair and regeneration of retina, kidney, lung and liver tissue, as well as for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease. This effort will be joined by researchers from Dusseldorf University and the Max Planck Institute. This collaboration will further the goal of promoting regenerative medicine, a new frontier that will enable doctors to repair or replace virtually every major organ in the human body. The collaboration will seek to develop a collection of induced Pluripotential Stem Cell (iPSC) lines from which differentiated cells and tissues can be generated to provide therapies to repair and regenerate damaged tissues – with a low chance of immune rejection – for clinical use by large segments of the patient population. “ 360 Editor’s comment: The blood centers of the world are becoming a major force in the rapidly expanding field regenerative medicine. NYBC’s expanding focus on iPSC’s is highly interesting.


OzarkFirst.com: State Attorney General Criticizes 'Assault' on Missouri Stem Cell Research
“A contentious issue from 2006 has re-emerged in Missouri, ahead of next year's election. Republicans and Democrats are looking for ways to drive more voters to the polls, and one way could be to put embryonic stem cell research on the ballot. Missouri voters passed a ballot measure in 2006 to protect any stem cell research, stem cell therapies or cures. Attorney General Chris Koster is speaking out against what he's calling renewed attempts to prevent Missouri institutions from conducting stem cell research. He cited a story by the Columbia Daily Tribune reporting that Missouri Right to Life is preparing to launch an assault on groundbreaking work.” 360 Editor’s comment: For our readers outside the United States, Missouri is often referred to as the “bellwether state.” This latest political fight in Missouri needs to be watched closely. Will the “stem cell wars” reignite across the land in 2016?

New York Stem Cell Foundation to Extend Opportunities for Giving to Bitcoin via BitPay
Here’s a sign of the times. The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating cures through stem cell research, will start accepting bitcoin gifts through BitPay, the world leader in bitcoin payments. According to NYSCF Co-Founder and CEO Susan L. Solomon, “Through bitcoin, we can embrace new forms of giving to meet our donors where they are, wherever they are worldwide. As a private philanthropic organization NYSCF’s nimbleness and flexibility allow us to fund and conduct the most current and high-reward research. Working with BitPay allows NYSCF to extend our flexibility to our supporters.”


Retraction Watch: Here’s How to Keep Clinical Trial Participants Honest (and why that’s a big deal)
As if clinical trials weren’t difficult enough. The online watchdog publication, Retraction Watch, provides an additional perspective on an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine. “Additional lab tests, creating a clinical trial patient registry, and rewards for honesty to help avoid the major issue of participants lying to get into clinical trials.”

360 Newsletter Editor

Bernard Siegel
Executive Director
Genetics Policy Institute

Stem Cells and the Transformative Power of Hope-a TEDx talk by Bernard Siegel, Editor of 360 Newsletter

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