8 everyday foods for a healthy brain and memory

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To be happy, along with a healthy body we also need a healthy brain. But there are lots of issues because of which the cognitive power of our brain decreases. Food is an important part of our life and our health very much depends on our food habits. Along with physical health, foods have an impact on brain health also. So if you are feeling that your memory or other cognitive functions become weaker, and then take some foods which can help you in getting a healthy brain and memory. Here, we will discuss 8 foods which you should include in your diet if you want a healthy brain and memory.

Wild salmon

Wild salmon is a deep water fish which is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acid that is needed for a healthy brain. So we should include it for a healthy brain and memory. Omega-3s is also known for its anti-inflammatory effect. According to the experts, we should have salmon in our diet 2 to 3 times a week.

Egg yolk

Egg yolk is really healthy which can contribute to the development of our brain health. It can even help in the forming and development of unborn babies' brain. So you should add it to your diet. Actually, we should have an egg in our breakfast that can help us to get healthy physic also.

Nuts and seeds

For a healthy brain and memory functions, nuts and seeds are very effective as those are the source of vitamin E. The higher level of vitamin E prevents the decline of cognitive power when one gets older. In your diet, add walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, filberts, cashews, almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seed, and unhydrogenated nut butter like peanut butter, almond butter, and tahini. You can have any type of nuts, raw or roasted.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is also effective for our brain health which can boost up our concentration. The flavanols of chocolates help in lowering the blood pressure also and can keep you stress-free. Dark chocolates are also effective as a focus enhancer. It also provides antioxidant properties which have natural stimulants like caffeine. By stimulating the production of endorphins dark chocolates also can work as a mood enhancer. You can have half to one-ounce chocolate in a day. So to improve brain health and memory, we can take the help of dark chocolates also.

Pomegranate juice

For the improvement of brain health and memory, pomegranate juice can be an effective solution. It provides us strong benefits of antioxidants which can protect our brain against the damage of free radicals. The antioxidants properties of citrus fruits and Pomegranate are very effective for our brain health. So we should include it in our diet.


Green vegetables are very effective for the improvement of our brain health. Broccoli is one of those which can enhance our memory and sharp thinking capacity. This vegetable is a rich source of vitamin K choline that is known for improving our memory and thinking capacity strong.


Are you suffering from memory retention issues? Then have beetroot as your food which can help you to prevent the issue of memory retention. Beetroot is known as the natural cleanser for our body which can clean our blood along with protecting our body against inflammation. By regulating the blood circulation in the brain, it helps us to improve brain health and memory.


Avocado is another food that is immensely effective for our brain health as it can boost up the memory power in us. This fruit is often mistaken as an unhealthy food because of its high-fat content. But the fat which is possessed by avocado is 'monosaturated fats' and it can control the sugar level in our body along with enhancing the ability of our brain.

So these are some foods which are effective in improving our brain health. There are various ways to boost up our cognitive functions like memory and concentration. One of those is taking the help of smart drugs which are also known as a nootropic. If you want to improve your brain functions by taking the help of smart drugs, you can try Modalert which is a very effective cognitive enhancer. This smart drug is a brand of Modafinil. To improve our brain health and memory, Modalert makes an effect on the neurons in the brain. By controlling the movement of the neurotransmitters, it creates new dopamines which can boost up the capacity of our brain. So to improve your brain health, you can take this smart drug. It is best if you use it under the observation of the doctor. Use this smart drug properly and get a brain with strong cognitive power.

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