Creating Symmetry with the Ultimate Bikini Workout

 Anna Williamson

Every woman I know says they want to be in shape to wear that two piece bikini come summer time or for that tropical vacation, but tell me that they don’t have time. It drives me crazy because if having that bikini body was so important to you I would think you would figure out a way to fit in an efficient and effective workout into your schedule.

Fitness is in my blood, making people fit is what I do, I can preach that all day long but how can you implement a bikini workout that gets you in shape and will also give you that HOT, looking… Bikini Body and still fit into your busy schedule?

Most fitness professionals will tell you, “it’s a lifestyle change”… “you must be willing to sacrifice, to make significant changes” and any other euphemism that seems motivational. Although I do believe a serious lifestyle change needs to happen for the extremely overweight, it doesn’t necessarily need to happen for women that want to drop 20-30 pounds and get back into the bikini body they had just a few short years ago.

Now if you’re not ready to commit to working hard and getting the job done… This article isn’t for you…so you might as well stop reading.

Many fitness professionals make weight loss and fitness sound so complicated in order to make themselves sound like they know what they’re talking about. To get that bikini body that you used to have or dreamed about having it isn’t complicated and only has a few points to really concentrate on. One of them and I think the most important is “Creating Symmetry”.

Models look good in a bikini and have that so called “Bikini Body” because they are symmetrical or look symmetrical in the bikini they are wearing, so why not have bikini workouts guide that are focused on creating symmetry?

Symmetry comes from having the same size neck, upper arms, and calves as well as your chest (bustline) and hips the same size with your waist measuring between 8 and 10 inches smaller. It is nearly impossible to lose weight or drop fat effectively if you are not as close to symmetrical as you can possibly be. Your body and consequently your Bikini Body will not the drop the weight you want because it needs to be symmetrical.

What sometimes happens when you anticipate bikini season and try to get in shape you resort to working out the areas you think are trouble spots which is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. If you have wider hips then you should be working more on your upper body such as your upper back, chest and shoulders with exercises such as one arm rows, flyes and chest presses as well as lateral raises and rear delt raises. The more muscle you build on your upper body will allow you to balance out your upper and lower body. If you keep working on your “trouble spots” it only builds muscle in that area and creates more of an imbalance and unfortunately the exact opposite of what you want to do in order to create the ultimate bikini body.

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