Hypertension - Why Our American Culture is Killing Us

 Amir Parvinchi

Imagine if you didn’t have to swallow those nasty blood pressure tablets every day; wouldn’t it be a blessing? It really seems unachievable though, as every doctor in town works on these meds, yet a cure without them is not that far away. A natural cure for hypertension is simpler, effective, and only bears positive effect.

Drawbacks of drug usage
Drug therapies on the other hand are expensive, and at times can be counterproductive too. This brings us to the million-dollar question if prescription drugs bear so many backdrops then why have them and why do doctors even prescribe them? According to a market research, a total of 195 named brand drugs are used in the market which solely or in different combinations are used to counter hypertension.

Almost 200 drugs for one ailment is a little fishy. Then again when there are 20 different types of pain relievers widely available in the market then why not for hypertension. Still, from a business point of view why would a pharmaceutical company invest so much in a drug whose competition alone is so stiff.

For the current blood pressure status, the American Heart Association has billed about 73 million Americans as sufferers from blood pressure. The pharmaceutical industry has identified the demand and foresees the high potential profit. Hence, the reason they are investing so much in hypertension drugs. These drugs might work but just for a short haul. There are a number of side effects different brands display. The probable side effects will include dizziness, fainting, rash, chronic cough, impotence, liver damage, depression, and insomnia. And if you are a diabetic patient these drawbacks reach unimaginable levels. Once, you feel these symptoms you change brands or enter a no-way-out maze of medicine.

Role of stress, diet and sleep

A vast majority of hypertension doctors near me, claims stress and diet to be the prime culprits for Americans being more prone to hypertension than Europeans and Asians. However, stress has become an integral part of the American culture. But stress isn’t that bad, remember when people say they work better under stress? That’s actually true. To a level, stress is healthy and makes us competent professionals. The problem starts when we do nothing to relieve it.

One of the best medicines for easing stress is sleep and unfortunately Americans run less on that. About half of America manage less than six hours of sleep. The next thing is exercise. Two third of the total Americans are overweight and one third are obese. No matter how much people fantasize toned muscles and fat-free body, their actual life doesn’t fit a 20-minute exercise routine. The last black ink in the American culture is a poor diet. America might be one of the biggest economies but their nutrition quality is quite poor. Other developed nations run on freshly cooked food not that frozen junk we microwave every day.

To recapitulate, Americans don’t get enough sleep, lack physical exercise and are not up on nutrition scales. If these changes are incorporated, there is a better chance for America to escape hypertension in a drug-free way.

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