What Are The Benefits Of Laser & IPL Hair Removal?

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Confused between getting Laser or IPL hair removal? Take a deep breath and decide later after knowing the benefits of two. Which one is treatment effective and which one has drawbacks? Well, we are letting your confusion end here.

Laser Vs IPL Hair Removal

They both work for the same purpose of hair growth reduction and are widely known methods for permanent laser hair removal. The only difference they got is of the light technology utilized in both methods.

Laser hair removal works with the properties of a laser whereas, in IPL hair removal, a broad spectrum light is used on the skin. You can determine between them by taking into consideration your skin flaws and excellent points such as (higher or no pigmentation, moles, freckles, thick/thin hair follicles, darker or lighter skin). It’s evident that the method which utilizes more light and heat energy to abolish bad skin conditions is perfect for you. Nevertheless, take your time and know their benefits, longevity and more below.

Benefits of Laser and IPL Hair Removal

These both hair removal procedures fall on the list of best top 10 Laser hair removal methods. It’s, however, necessary to choose the best hair removal method for yourself which got long-lasting results.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser hair removal prevents hair regrowth. The professional uses a laser device to focus light down at the hair follicles (pores of the skin) and then single hair follicle is heated to damaging temperatures quicker. It means in laser hair removal; hair is treated individually to get the best results. This method could be highly-effective than IPL hair removal due to this reason. It is also suitable for people having darker or tanned skin complexion. Understand it better from a natural color theory rule that darker objects absorb more light than the lighter ones. A similar rule is applicable to skin tones also.

So, put your foot down on laser hair removal, if you have darker skin. This one is for you.

IPL Hair Removal Benefit

IPL hair removal method has greater coverage than laser hair removal devices. It uses a broad-spectrum of light (visible light) to treat various skin conditions, and it has a quicker effect. If you’re planning to get hair removal done for larger areas, then this might fits in your need but you relatively need to find more about it.

IPL hair removal has been a successful experiment for the people who have different skin and hair types as it matches with their requirements. Regular sessions can only make your skin hair-free no matter which method you decide to go for. IPL hair removal targets the melanin pigments in the hair and is best to remove shorter wavelengths. It is also used effectively to treat another skin condition called ”Essential Telangiectasias” (ETE), which is an uncommon syndrome caused by widespread anatomic distribution and the situation looks like spider veins spread over the area.

Since IPL hair removal can treat different skin conditions and can improve on many skin diseases, it is worldwide dominating other skin treatments.

Conclusion: Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Neither Laser nor IP hair removal will give you satisfactory results with initial sessions. It is very important to maintain consistency whichever treatment you decide upon. Unlike waxing or any other hair removal method, these two methods have developed significantly over time which in the long run leaves you with soft, smooth skin.

Laser hair removal procedure has quickly progressed in the dermatological fields. The FDA cleared an at-home laser hair removal kit, the Tria Laser 4X for permanent hair reduction in 2008 whereas the IPL is extremely popular amongst the permanent hair reduction treatments. Researchers found that IPL responded very well to numerous skin concerns and the lasting result was there just after the fourth session. There are studies which clearly shows that both the cases have powerful results and people are more opting for these two in the west of Dallas over waxing and threading.

Benefits of laser hair removal, but it enormously depends upon their skin conditions. It means for achieving an adequate long-term result; you will have to try out a treatment first with an average of 6 sessions. This way you will likely to note a huge difference in your hair growth and can switch onto the other one after a year if the first doesn’t fulfill your expectations.

However, take a detailed look on laser and IPL hair removal and then accordingly treat your skin on the go. Don’t forget that every permanent hair removal method holds benefits and drawbacks equally but it’s ultimately your take which one you want to avail after receiving clarity. We will always help you decide which one is best for you.30,000 characters are allowed

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