How to Choose a Surgical Instruments Supplier for Healthcare

 Raynetta Stansil

Surgical Instruments Supplier for Healthcare

Surgical instruments often comprise one of the largest expenditures for a healthcare facility. Whether they are laparoscopic instruments to view the organs in the abdomen, orthopedic ones to treat musculoskeletal injuries, or others, surgical instruments are a necessity in modern-day hospitals. This makes their acquisition an especially delicate venture that requires careful consideration from several angles. Although low-cost surgical instruments can be appealing in the short term, their lack of longevity poses a dilemma down the line that higher quality, albeit more expensive, instruments provide.

Decisions about contracting a surgical instruments supplier must, therefore, consider the quality and cost of the instruments themselves, as well as the service the supplier provides throughout your partnership. With this in mind, we have developed a four-step guide that covers everything you need to do before getting in touch with a surgical instruments supplier, and some considerations to keep in mind while making your decision.

Step 1: Take Stock of Your Inventory

The first thing you should do when choosing a surgical instruments supplier is to take stock of your current inventory to see both what you need right now and what you may need in the future. In doing so, you can calculate a rough estimate of what you’ll need to spend, which will be helpful in creating a budget for your purchases. You will also know what the most utilized instruments are and which are under or overperformers, both of which can help you choose whether to buy more or less of any specific instrument. Finally, with knowledge of what you’ll need in the future, you may be able to arrange for discounts on future purchases by ensuring your soon-to-be supplier business down the line.

Step 2: Set Aside a Budget

As alluded to above, once you know what surgical instruments you need, you’ll be able to create a budget that ensures you’re able to purchase everything you need. This can be a challenging process because of the wide selection of suppliers to choose from, who all offer varying prices that change due to a range of factors like inventory turnover and product quality. To make things easier, you can take note of what different suppliers are offering (approximately 5-10) and then use an average to tailor your budget.

Step 3: Research the Market

Tied to the second step is the third, which is to research the market and gather benchmark prices for the instruments you need so you can narrow your choice to the suppliers that fit your budget and equipment quality requirements. You can tailor this research to your local region if you want to avoid shipping, or conduct a broader search if desired.

Step 4: Research Suppliers

Finally, the fourth step in your surgical instruments supplier search is to further research the specific suppliers you’re considering. You should begin with preliminary research by browsing their websites and gathering what information you can, which may help you narrow your list to a manageable level. From there, you should get in touch with suppliers through email, a phone call, or an in-person visit, and ask them any questions you may have. A few important ones to consider:

How long have you been in business?

Even though being a new business has no real indication on the quality of the supplier and their instruments, and therefore should not be a deterrent for you, a long history does imply a certain level of commitment and the expertise that comes from years of experience. Likewise, a more established company will have a reputation you can consider.

Can you guarantee the quality of your instruments?

Any credible surgical instruments supplier should be able to guarantee the quality of their offerings, especially if these include second-hand items that should be ready for reuse. If they can’t, you should take your business elsewhere and find someone who can. For instance, a supplier should offer a manufacturer's defect guarantee if the instruments are new, and a warranty if they are not. Something else you can do to guarantee the quality of their instruments and services is to ask for case studies of past clients or references you can get in touch with.

Do you offer group or bulk purchasing to reduce prices?

Even though it’s not required, a nice bonus a surgical instruments supplier can offer is reduced prices for group or bulk purchases. This is good for all parties because:

  • You pay less for the surgical instruments you were already going to purchase
  • They lock in higher sales and the likelihood of a repeat customer

This is also where the first step, taking stock of your inventory, comes into play. If you already know what you’re going to need in the future, you can either purchase it now or arrange for it later at a reduced price.

Final Thoughts

Quality in surgical instruments is very important, not only to guarantee they have the longevity to provide value in future years but also to guarantee your patients the best care. To ensure you are acquiring the best instruments within your means, always begin your search by taking stock of your inventory. With this knowledge, you will be able to create a budget and conduct market research to know with certainty that you are indeed paying a fair price for all instruments. You can then decide on a final supplier by researching the top contenders in the market and asking them the questions you deem to be most important.

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