The Best treatment for the Lower back and Neck pain

 Dr Gaurav Khera

Massage therapy is very effective for musculoskeletal and related neurological problems (including neck and back pain, muscle pain, headache and joint pain) and all the spin-related problems.

In modern times, low back pain and neck pain have become one of the major health problems. Due to lack of proper exercise, poor posture, malnutrition, or even incorrect lifting methods, spondylitis usually occurs. The main goal of health practitioners is to provide quality-driven, high-quality, high-quality services for neck pain, bone pain, and sciatica. Early treatment is the most practical, successful and cost-effective solution for your back pain.

Treatment of back pain

Spinal care, such as orthopedics, pain management, physical and neurosurgery has several professional and disciplinary. In addition, another relevant medical staff involved in spine care is physiotherapists, chiropractors and physician assistants. The spinal cord is the central nervous system of the body and sends information to the brain. The spine is made of round bones called vertebrae, protecting the fine spinal cord. Dedicated medical centers and Best Spine Doctor in Delhi NCR can quickly diagnose your back pain and take the necessary measures.

A large number of spine experts provide treatment for back pain. Exercise plays a very important role in the treatment of back pain and is included in every recovery plan for spinal therapy.

Wrong Posture

The spine is "S" shaped, as a spring to protect the spinal cord and nerve roots, thus controlling the arm and leg movement. If you suffer from back pain, then your pelvis is likely to lose its effect. This has become common problems faced by people, including physical fatigue, lack of body, lack of sleep, migraine, headache, alternating diarrhea or constipation, exercise difficulties, brain fog, and mild to moderate depression of persistent pain. The wrong posture is the main cause of back and neck pain.

Chiropractic Treatment

Massage therapy is very effective for musculoskeletal and related neurological problems (including neck and back pain, muscle pain, headache and joint pain). Studies have shown that vertebral therapy has proven to be more effective in terms of the spinal cord and other musculoskeletal complaints than surgical treatment. Chiropractic surgeon and the best Spine Doctor in Delhi NCR not only care about your symptoms but also concerned about your health. The conditions improved by the therapy are-

· On-the-job-injuries

· Sports injuries

· Neck Pain

· Pain Joints

· Headache

· Auto accident injuries

· Pulled muscles

· Lower back pain

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