Why we all need to attain a sound Sleep?

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We all need an adequate amount of sleep daily for the maintenance of good health. It rejuvenates our body after a hard day’s work and prepares us for the assignments of the next day.

During sleep, our body undergoes a large number of functions such as processing, restoration and strengthening. Other benefits of healthy sleep are: it synthesizes hormones in our body, repairs our tissues and contributes to muscle growth.

Our brain stores small bits of information that we gather in our day to day lives. The accumulation of all these memories enables individuals to perform better on memory tasks. On the other hand, deprivation of sleep affects the memory retention power of people and makes them moody and irritable. Their professional and personal lives get affected and they suffer from drowsiness and reduced energy levels. A person enjoying 8 hours of sleep every night remains more happy and cheerful in comparison to a person who suffers from sleepless nights.

The duration of sleep varies from person to person. While some feel relaxed after sleeping for 7-9 hours every day, others stay fit and healthy with just 4-6 hours of slumber.

A disciplined life and a consistent routine are necessary for a good night sleep. People who wake up and sleep at a fixed time every day usually have fewer problems in falling asleep and staying asleep. Studies have shown that caffeine users, alcoholics, late night workers and users of recreational drugs face maximum sleep interruptions.

Simple tricks to improve quality and duration of sleep

Insomniacs can improve the quality of their sleep with natural sleep aids such as Valerian root, Chamomile tea and lavender oil. Daily exercises, Yoga, meditation and cognitive behaviour therapy can improve the circadian rhythm of sleep-deprived individuals.

Sleepless individuals should use their bedroom only for sleeping and sex. A comfortable mattress and cushion, a noise-free bedroom and long curtains that keep the room dark will ensure a quiet sleep. Sleep mask and earplugs can also ensure a calm rest.

In order to attain peaceful sleep, a person should avoid the use of electronic screens before bedtime, for example, TV, laptop, tablets or mobile phones. He should retire to bed only when he is exhausted. If he fails to sleep within half an hour, then he should get up from the bed and read a book.

All these tips will enable sleepless individuals to rest peacefully. If still, they struggle with getting asleep, then they can take the help of online sleeping and sleeping tablets for a serene rest at night.

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