Why Dog Shampoo Is So Important for Your Puppies?

 Olivia Grey

Having a regular bath is important for puppies. But they cannot bathe with a regular human shampoo. Instead, what they need is specially designed shampoo for dogs, which can protect their coat, promote the balanced pH level of their skin and nurture their fur. Since most shampoos used for humans are on acid side and dog needs a shampoo that’s pH neutral, you must buy a product that is particularly designed to suit your little one’s requirements. Here are some of the reasons why puppy shampoo is important for dogs-

Perfect for Neutral pH Levels

As mentioned before, dogs have a neutral pH level, from 7 to 7.4. But human shampoos are more on the acidic nature, which is why you need a specific dog shampoo. It will ensure that the pH level of their skin is maintained and skin conditions or allergies are avoided.

For removing dirt and debris
Most little puppies are unable to use their tongue to clean themselves. And even if they could, it will not help them get rid of dirt and debris. That’s why puppies deserve dog shampoos. These shampoos can easily remove dirt and debris, including dead hair and doggy odor. It is specifically designed to reduce the oiliness of coats and can improve the overall shine and appearance of your dog’s fur

Keeps fur Soft and Shiny
A pup is known for the kind of fur it possess. Make sure that their coat and fur are the best and nurtured well with a shampoo for dogs. A well designed shampoo will add a natural sheen to the dogs’ fur and ensure that your puppy looks healthier and taken care of. At the same time, it will help in adding beauty to the coat, help in avoiding fleas and ticks as well. Don’t ever use a household disinfectant on your pups. Keep their ears plugged with cotton as well because young pups are prone to wet ear canal infections.

How to use puppy shampoos?
Shampoos are quite easy to use, but you should apply common sense and use caution while using them on a pup. Start off by buying shampoos that don’t have artificial fragrances, made from natural material and have alkaline pH levels. Next, start by brushing or combing your pet’s hair to remove dead dirt, mats and particles. Then use plug-ins for the ears and wet the coat thoroughly. Prefer using warm water instead of cold or hot one. Once wet, apply shampoo just like you would do to your hair. Let the shampoo sit for a while (if mentioned on product label) and then, wash it off. Always ensure that the rinsing process removes away all the shampoo or else it will only lead to dry coat. Dry the coat with a towel and let you puppy play!

So, make sure that your little one has their own shampoo!

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