The Landscape of Continuous Manufacturing in Japan
Kyoko Sakurai PhD...
22 March, 2019
Medical Device Industry Outlook 2018-20
Narin Tunpalboon
03 March, 2019
S3 IM Medical Technology Partnership MedTech Smart Manufacturing Project
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08 February, 2019
News of the MDR and IVDR with a Focus on Innovation, UDI Coding and Traceability
Roberto Belliato
04 February, 2019
Deployment of Biosensors for Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Developing Countries: Technological, Economic and Regulatory Aspects
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17 January, 2019
Quality Certification on Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals
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16 January, 2019
Fast Track to Innovation Strategy @ Sheba Medical Center
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21 November, 2018
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07 November, 2018
Project & Implementation for Tractability of Medical Devices in Argentina
Andrea Rodriguez
05 November, 2018
Naptics: Convenient and Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring during Sleep
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01 November, 2018
Safety by Open Design
Arti Ahluwalia
10 October, 2018
Medical Device Guidance
06 October, 2018
Outline of the medical device program and its correspondence
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14 September, 2018
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12 September, 2018
Patient-Focused Innovations for Structural Heart Disease and Critical Care Monitoring
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06 September, 2018
Outline Of The Medical Device Program and Its Correspondence
Hiroshi Furukawa
27 August, 2018
Technical Documentation and Medical Device Regulation
Julianne Bobela P...
24 August, 2018
New Fully Absorbable Patch Based Lare Hole Vascular Closure Device
Thomas Schmitz MD...
25 July, 2018
Current Status Of The Data And Coding Standard Implementation For Medical Devices And In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents For Human Use
Elkin Hernan Otal...
20 July, 2018
Importance of standards for fostering the medical devices supply chain
Esteban Lizarazo
31 May, 2018