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Challenges in Paediatric Asthma Today

 Lynette PC Shek, MRCP, Daniel YT Goh, MMed (Paeds), FRCPCH, Hugo Van Bever, PhD, Bee-Wah Lee, MMed (
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Editorial--Lynette PC Shek et al


Challenges in Paediatric Asthma Today
Lynette PC Shek,1MRCP, Daniel YT Goh,1MMed (Paeds), FRCPCH, Hugo Van Bever,1PhD, Bee-Wah Lee,1MMed (Paeds), MD, FRCPCH

Asthma today affects more than 300 million people worldwide and its prevalence is increasing, particularly among children. The rise in asthma prevalence has been likened to an epidemic, and is ... See more

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