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HIV symptoms in women:

HIV is a virus that kills the C4D cells, which mainly provide immunity to the body. HIV symptoms in women vary from person to person concerning the stage of infection in the body. Some of the early symptoms observed are fever, sore throat, fatigue, and rash. Once the body begins to react after 2 to 4 weeks, the significant signs of HIV in women are seen, such as:

• Perpetual tiredness

• Restlessness spreading throughout the body

• Night sweats

• Chills

• High fever

• Swelling of lymph glands

• Chronic diarrhea

• Vaginal yeast infection

• Weight loss

Yes4Me being an online platform which makes it easier to approach the HIV testing services. It provides you with the list of clinics nearby the location provided by you. Thus making the testing only one click away.

HIV symptoms in children: There are many numbers of children who are affected with HIV during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the birth process from the mother who has HIV.

Some of the symptoms which are noticed are discussed below:

• Swollen lymph glands

• Pneumonitis

• Diarrhea

• Malignant lesions

• Tumors

• Encephalopathy

• Dermatitis

• Hepatomegaly

• Splenomegaly.

Compared to men, women are more prone to HIV infection. One of the main reasons is having unprotected sex. This happens only if the male partner is infected with HIV, and his bodily fluids come in contact with the female partner. HIV in women is more common. Hence medical advisors suggest precautionary measures, especially for females to avoid HIV during pregnancy and childbirth.

Many women tend to keep their medical life to themselves; Yes4Me understands the privacy of each client and never shares the personal details with other clinics or health organizations, keeping it very confidential. The qualified staffs help you in booking the appointment and other HIV related services.

Syphilis and symptoms of syphilis in women

Syphilis is a sexual disease which is caused by bacteria usually transmitted during unprotected sex. Syphilis can be cured at an early stage only if the right type of medication is taken at the right time. If it is left untreated, it may cause serious health problems such as cervical cancer, liver disease, pelvic inflammation, and sterility; it may also result in risky pregnancy and delivery.

In syphilis infection sets at different stages; initially, an ulcer is formed followed by rashes in the different parts of the body such as mouth, and genitals. Finally, when there is no sign of treatment, it affects the liver, brain, blood vessels, and ultimately leading to paralysis of limbs.

Yes4Me guides trained counselors who will help in maintaining good health. Yes4me takes the feedback from the clients about the services, and anonymously shares it with their clinical partners to improve the quality of their services. Under no circumstances, the risk assessment questionnaire will not be shared with the clinics.

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