Divergent Health Offers Innovative Treatment Options to Help Patients Achieve Quick Relief from Chronic Pain

 Divergent Health

Calgary, Canada August 16, 2019: One of the most advanced medical clinics in Calgary, Divergent Health offers an array of healthcare options and treatment facilities to patients in the area.

One in four Canadians deals with some kind of chronic pain. Data collected by the Chronic Pain Association of Canada further shows that at least one million Canadians are living with severe chronic pain while approximately six million have minor or mild chronic pain. A research study by the Canadian Journal of Pain revealed that out of every 1000 visits to the emergency room, over 10 percent of them were related to chronic pain. The issue affects not only Canadians but also millions of people worldwide.

Patients with chronic illnesses experience pain while simultaneously seeing a deterioration in their quality of life. Performing small tasks such as making and enjoying a cup of tea can become increasingly difficult—not to mention, the stigma and psychological connotations attached can take a toll on the individual’s mental health.

Talking about the problem, a spokesperson for the company said, “Conventional treatments such as medication and over-the-counter drugs hardly work for chronic pain. More than that, diagnosing chronic pain is tricky. Often, doctors perform multiple tests that show no definitive, making them apprehensive when it comes to prescribing treatments or medications. That’s where we come in. Patients visit our clinic for more natural and proactive solutions so they don’t have to wake up every day feeling tired and exhausted.”

While the economic cost of chronic pain is well known, there are also indirect costs like low productivity and missed work opportunities, as well as high rates of work absenteeism. The condition can take a toll on an otherwise healthy and happy person.

Commenting on the negative impacts of chronic pain, the representative further said, “Our customized treatment plans ensure that patients don’t have to take unnecessary days off or deal with social stigma because of symptoms. We provide physical therapy, shockwave therapy and alternative treatments to medication for back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, herniated discs and all other types of chronic pains.

The company also provides genetic testing, spinal decompression, Botox injections and an array of other services.

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Divergent Healthcare is a multidiscipline clinic and performs a thorough analysis and screening of health problems before designing a treatment solution. Patients can book appointments online or via call.

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