Divergent Health Provides Comprehensive Health Consultations and Customized Treatment Options to Help Patients

 Divergent Health

Calgary, Alberta August 16, 2019: From early diagnoses to efficient conventional and alternative therapies, Divergent Health’s services have made it a leading medicinal and therapeutic clinic in Calgary.

Good health is crucial for the social, personal, and economic development of any individual or household. Healthy citizens contribute to the country’s progress and ease the burden on the healthcare system.

While Canada is a healthy nation—data collected by various researchers show that the mortality rate has dropped, while life expectancy has significantly improved over the past several decades—1 in 4 Canadians still suffers from chronic pains, and millions find it challenging to find alternative treatment solutions for pain management.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Canada is definitely a healthy nation compared to other developed nations, but we shouldn’t stop there. Both local and national healthcare facilities are working on finding comprehensive treatment solutions that are personalized to each patient’s needs. That’s exactly what our goal is. With our multidisciplinary expertise and in-house practitioners, we want to treat diseases and conditions by going beyond medication.

Patients in Calgary and surrounding Alberta areas can visit Divergent Health by booking an appointment via call or online. Explaining the consultation and treatment process, the spokesperson added, “When a patient comes in for a consultation, we connect them with the relevant specialist a general physician. Once they make a diagnosis, they start working on possible treatment options. A whole team is involved in devising the perfect plan. The mission is to provide quality services and help patients with pain relief so they can get back to their normal life in no time.”

Divergent Health treats all kinds of chronic pain, including but not limited to knee, back, hip and elbow pain. Patients can book a complimentary consultation with them, prior to starting treatment. The clinic also provides genetic and DNA testing, shockwave therapy, spinal decompression, sports injury management and treatment of plantar fasciitis.

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The integrative multidisciplinary clinic in Calgary is best known for providing innovative and personalized treatment solutions to patients suffering from chronic pain and other health conditions.

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Website: https://www.divergenthealth.ca

Phone: 403-909-8111

Email: info@divergenthealth.ca

Address: 8835 Macleod Trail S #240, Calgary, AB T2H0M2, Canada.

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