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E-health Trends for Collaborative Care and Chronic Disease Management

 Louise Beauchesne and Alvaro Mestre
Description: The benefits and value of electronic health information technologies: Capital cost: $10 billion to $12 billion Benefits: $6 billion to $7 billion annually. E-health provides improved communication and quality of care, improved efficiency and cost reduction, patient empowerment – self-management, and prevention. Telehealth Outcomes 2003-2007: 25% reductions in numbers of bed days of care, 19% reduction in numbers of hospital admissions, and mean satisfaction score rating of 86% after enrolment.
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New e-health trends for collaborative care and chronic disease management

Presentation by Louise Beauchesne, Executive Director, Quebec and Alvaro Mestre, Regional Director, Architecture to the 2009 eHealth Conference June 1, 2009

Canada Health Infoway
� Created in 2001 � $1.6 billion in federal funding
An additional $500 million allocated in 2009 Federal Budget

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