Lice Troopers Educates Parents about Lice This National Head Lice Prevention Month

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Lice Troopers has dedicated its efforts the back-to-school month to educating parents about lice.

A leading lice treatment service in the U.S, Lice Troopers is also one of the best sources for information on all things related to lice infestation treatments and prevention. This September, they’re taking steps to spread awareness about lice outbreaks in preparation of the new term, and in honor of National Head Lice Prevention Month as deemed by the National Pediculosis Association.

September is one of the busiest times of the year for all lice clinics. With children returning to school, the risk of lice outbreaks increases. But alongside, cases of misguided home remedies for treating head lice gone badly also emerge.

Lice Troopers strives to educate people on the best ways of treating lice, while cautioning them about the risks one may expose their child to, if they rely on home remedies and chemical treatments to eliminate the infestation.

These tricks such as using vinegar, mayo or even gasoline to remove lice might seem like a great quick fix, but there’s more danger involved in this than we know,” a representative from Lice Troopers stated. “We educate parents on all things related to lice. So from these so-called effective home remedies to the truth about lice infestations and hygiene, we cover all the basics and the details.”

In particular, Lice Troopers focuses on curbing discrimination based on the misconception that lice are caused due to poor hygiene. In truth, lice only need a food source and prefer cleaner scalps and hair because it’s easier for them to roam around.

Additionally, Lice Troopers aims to spread awareness about chemical treatments as well. Many over-the-counter treatments contain ingredients that can be harmful to our health and have even been known to cause extensive injuries. As was the case of a 5-year old whose mother poured gasoline on the child’s head, causing them both to catch fire.

By taking necessary steps to spread awareness about lice, Lice Troopers is preventing parents from taking drastic measures that may at the very least, do nothing to hinder a lice infestation, and at most, do harm to their child’s health.

In addition, Lice Troopers offers affordable lice treatments, individual lice screenings as well as home and school screenings along with at-home treatments and home inspection and cleaning services to make their clients’ lives a lot easier.

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With multiple clinics in Florida, New Jersey, New York and other cities, Lice Troopers is considered as the most reliable facility for all seeking effective lice removal treatments.

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