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Medical Imaging using Ionizing Radiation

 Blake Currier
Description: The presentation started with a review of the basic concepts of radiation as discussed in the previous lesson. Once engaged in the subject, the classroom conversation began to focus more on medical imaging. Many students were interested in the subject and had family members who work as medical imaging technicians in the industry. At the end of the class, I received a lot of questions. Some of the questions were on the educational requirements to become a medical imaging technician; others were on the acute and latent effects of the radiation used in these different procedures.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Imaging
Contributing Organization: NSF
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Lesson Plan Review
NSF GK-12 - Vibes and Waves in Action
Title of Lesson Plan: Diagnostic Medical Imaging
Description of the overall plan for how the lesson was conducted
Today, the class explored the advantages and disadvantages of different types of diagnostic
medical imaging procedures. A projected PowerPoint presentation with pictures and videos was
used to show how x-rays, computer topography ... See more

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