Mindset Therapy, PLLC Provides Telepsychology in Texas For Those Short On Time

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Houston, Texas, December 3, 2018, -- The holidays are in full swing, and with the holidays come a myriad of emotions to include excitement, happiness, apprehension, and stress. Preparing to spend time with family, seeing those you have not seen in weeks, months, or years, and finding that perfect gift for those special people in your life can be an exciting, yet stressful time. For those that are already over-committed in their schedules, the joy during this part of the year is marred by stress and anxiety.

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In the current fast-paced environment we live in, where success is often measured by how much you are doing, and not what you are doing, priorities become focused on activities and not the individual. Dr. Mayfield, a psychologist with Mindset Therapy, emphasizes the importance of focusing on your mental health during periods of high stress and to monitor how you are feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically. Treatment for mental health symptoms before they develop into something more concerning is a great way to take care of yourself while also allowing yourself to learn ways to be more productive in an ever-demanding world.

Telepsychology services in Texas are the solution to making yourself a priority in this busy world, by providing mental health services via the internet. Attending mental health treatment has never been easier or more convenient!Using telepsychology, you can attend a mental health appointment from your home, work, or other convenient location. When you are on the move, having access to a psychologist you can see wherever you are is the solution to making you a priority in today’s world.

Benefits of telepsychology:

1. No travel time to/from appointment

2. No need to make childcare arrangements

3. You can attend your appointment from your office during lunch

4. Confidentiality. No one sees you parked at or going into the psychologist’s office

Visit to learn more about this new service @ https://www.mindsettherapyonline.com/treatment.php

About Mindset Therapy, PLLC

Mindset Therapy PLLC is the future of mental health treatment; leading the telepsychology revolution with execution of mental health services via video teleconferencing and providing technology driven mental health treatment that reaches the patient at the time and location of their choice. Mindset Therapy provides mental health treatment by a licensed psychologist to any eligible adult in the state of Texas.Mindset Therapy is headquartered in Houston, TX and owned by Dr. Emily Mayfield. Dr. Mayfield is a licensed psychologist from Texas, a veteran of the United States Air Force, and a Cherokee Nation citizen.

A new patient can be book appointments directly through @ https://www.mindsettherapyonline.com/contact.php

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