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Overall Economic Value of Biospecimen Resources*

 Jim Vaught and Lisa B. Miranda
Description: Understanding the overall economic value of biospecimen resources that are accessible to the research community. Biological Resource Centers (BRCs) amplify the impact of scientific progress by enabling future generations to build on past discoveries. BRCs fulfill several important functions, including: Authentication, Preservation, providing access, and creating economies of scale. However, maintaining BRCs may be challenging and costly for individual institutions.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma
Cost Recovery Models and Other Economic Issues Involved in the Implementation of the NCI Best Practices
Jim Vaught, NCI OBBR Lisa B. Miranda, University of Pennsylvania
Bell Harbor International Conference Center January 28, 2008

Background and Overview
Jim Vaught, NCI OBBR

OBBR is exploring several economic issues based on public comments and other input:

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