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Introduction to REM-NM: Radiation Exposure Monitoring for Nuclear Medicine

 Jeff Pohlhammer, Charles Smith
Description: Supports recording/reporting administered activity and estimated organ radiation dose due to Radiopharmaceutical administration. Includes automatic transmission of administered activity information from hot lab/injector systems to scanner. Regulatory bodies, professional societies, and institutions are interested in monitoring administered activity for NM and PET procedures.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Equipment
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Introduction to REM-NM
Radiation Exposure Monitoring for Nuclear Medicine

Jeff Pohlhammer, Charles Smith

• A Little History – The REM Profile
• Introduction of REM-NM Profile
• Features
• Functional Requirements
• Workflow Use Cases

• Dose Information Reporter and Dose Registry
• Connectathon Review

• Next Steps

REM-NM Profile
• New ... See more

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