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Electrocardiogram (EKG) Basics - Right Ventricular MI Criteria

 Ben Taylor PhD PA-C
Description: Simple Cellular Electrophysiology: - Cardiac cells, in their resting state, are electrically polarized (negatively charged)-Maintained by membrane pumps to ensure appropriate ion distribution (K+, Na+, Cl, Ca+) to keep the inside cell electronegative. Cells lose their internal “-” during depolarization. Cells restore their resting polarity during repolarization.
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EKG Basics
Ben Taylor, PhD, PA-C

Right Ventricular MI
ST elevation in R-sided leads

ST segment elevation greater in lead III than

Inferior wall MI

P waves only in V3-6

Biphasic T waves

Right Ventricular MI Criteria
•  Inferior wall MI
•  ST segment elevation greater in lead III than II
•  ST segment elevation in V1 (possibly extending to V6)
•  ... See more

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