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Hospital Equipment Technology

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Description: The constant research for greater productivity and efficiency distinguishes and accompanies us on a design journey aimed at “Safety”, “Total quality” and “Savings”. “Savings” is one of the aims that we set ourselves in the design phase; savings in operating consumption and maintenance with devices, solutions and components of high quality and reliability and long service life. Water savings, compared to similar equipment, is reduced by 95%, energy consumption is reduced by 40%. More than 80% of the equipment is stainless steel, therefore 100% recoverable; the others commercial components are always recoverable and recyclable according to the procedures provided by the manufacturers.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Equipment
Contributing Organization: Sante International
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Hospital Equipment Technology
MD.STM (Medical Device)

The Infection Control Culture

MD.STM – Satured Steam Sterilizer

Series 1-2-4

Series 1.80 VSD
Series 1.100 VSD

Series 2.150 VSD

Series 2.200 VSD
Series 2.250 VSD

Series 2.220 VSD

Compact dimensions, versatility and rapidity

Series 2.150 HSD

Series 2.220 HSD

Series 4.300 HSD
Series 4.450 HSD
Series 4.600 HSD
Series 4.900 HSD

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