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Low Level Laser Therapy - LLLT

Description: Laser characteristics Monochromaticity, Coherence, Laser in medicine, Hot laser Thermal, Low level laser Bio modulation, Low level laser therapy, Penetration Red light laser, Infra red laser, Theory of biological effect, Mitochondrial photoreceptor, LLLT Clinical effects, Dosage, systematic review of low level laser therapy, Energy and density of energy, Modes of emission, Acute ankle sprain and edema, Chronic nociceptive pain, Temporomandibular disorders TMD, Efficacy of low level laser therapy
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Low level laser Therapy Lllt


Laser characteristics

Monochromaticity: the laserbeam consists of a defined wave length, f.e. HeNe 632.8 nm


Laser characteristics

Coherence: Synchronicity of the light waves. Coherence is partly lost, when the beam hits the tissue

Laser in medicine
Hot laser Thermal Low level laser Biomodulation

Low level laser ther ... See more

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