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Digital Radiology Ergonomics

Description: Computers in Heathcare:Increasingly integral to patient care, from administrative to diagnostic and clinical purposes. Digital Reading Room: the transition from film-based (hard) to filmless (soft) image. ergonomic workplace increases workers’ efficiency and productivity while reducing musculoskeletal disorders. Many studies have shown also cuts costs by reducing injuries and absenteeism. guidelines for radiologists. Carts Multi-screen solutions enhance access to PACS images.
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Ergonomic Rx for Digital Radiology

C o m p u tE Rs I n H EaltHCa RE
It is now commonplace for patients to be admitted into a healthcare facility by someone sitting at a computer. Increasingly, computer screens are integral to every aspect of patient care, from administrative to diagnostic and clinical purposes. There is little doubt that the medical technology behind this innovation contribute ... See more

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