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Sympathetic Haptics for Innovative Product Design

 Thenkurussi ‘kesh’ Kesavadas
Description: Sympathetic Haptics for Innovative Product Design, Mission: To develop technologies and systems to amplify and enhance human machine interaction, Research Focus: Modeling, designing and developing virtual reality devices and systems for engineering, medical and industrial applications, research forus, Sample Imagery, Sympathetic Haptics.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Equipment
Sympathetic Haptics for Innovative Product Design
Prof. Thenkurussi `kesh' Kesavadas Director UB Virtual Reality Laboratory 328 Jarvis Hall University at Buffalo www.vrlab.buffalo.edu www vrlab buffalo edu Contact: kesh@buffalo.edu
Virginia Polytechnic Institute University of Massachusetts (Amherst) Carnegie Mellon University University of Central Florida

Research Focus
Mission: To develop techn ... See more

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