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Different Types of Stem Cells

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Description: The activities in this chapter are designed to facilitate the development of a studentís understanding about these two main types of stem cells. The activities have varying levels of complexity. Teachers can use the basic level activities or just direct students to focus on the two main stem cell types if only a general knowledge of the types of stem cells is required. This chapter would be useful for non-science students who might be preparing for an issues based debate or issue analysis, such as an essay, multimedia presentation or a report on the issues surrounding stem cells.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biology
Chapter 2
The different types
of stem cells
This chapter investigates the two main types of stem cells, each with their own subcategories:
1. Pluripotent stem cells can become any cell type in the body. Types of pluripotent stem cells include
embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells and stem cells created by somatic cell nuclear transfer.
2. Tissue stem cells are found in human and ani ... See more

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