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Food Availability and Safety in China

 Huajun Tang
Description: Food Availability and Safety in China, Enough and Good Food, Top Priority of Chinese Government, CAAS and Food Research, International Cooperation, Total Food Grain Production, Food Safety Great Challenges, New and Strong Policy for Food Safety, Strong New Agency: NFSC, CAAS and FOOD RESEARCH, Structure of National Agricultural Research, Extension and Education System, CAAS Basic Facts, Super Rice, Dwarf Male sterile Wheat variety with yield 10 tons/ha.
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Category: Biology
Infor Day and Brokerage Event on Call FP7-KBBE-5-2011

Food Availability and Safety in China

Huajun Tang
Vice President Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) Brussels, 13 September 2010

Enough and Good Food � Top Priority of Chinese Government CAAS and Food Research International Cooperation

Enough and Good Food � Top Priority of Chinese Government

Enough f ... See more

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