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Opportunities and Challenges in the Global Citrus Industry

 Jose Luiz Amaro Rodrigues
Description: Global Citrus Industry Trends, citrus business, Cambuhy Farm, Citriculture in São Paulo State, Major problems faced by brazilian citrus industry since 1950s, Citrus tristeza virus, Fruit Fly, Mearlybug, Blight, Leprosis, Rust mite, Cancker, CVC, Sudden death, Greening, Effect of CVC.
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Global Citrus Industry Trends � Opportunities and Challenges

Jose Luiz Amaro Rodrigues CEO of The Cambuhy Company, Sao Paulo, Brazil ,

Point of view The presentation is a grower's grower s point of view (citrus business) �Major Challenges j g �Opportunities pp �Trends

Major trends in citrus industry
1. Globalization will continue to increase pro ... See more

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