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Antibiotic Use in Animal Health

Description: We use antibiotics to be more efficient Because you only care about making money. We use antibiotics to keep animals healthy. You HAVE to use antibiotics because animals are kept in poor conditions. Regulatory agency reviews have approved antibiotics as safe after the rigorous review process. We don’t know if it’s safe for the long term. They’ve been wrong before. There are rules that dictate maximum residue limits allowed in animals. How can we be sure ANY residue is safe? There is no evidence that use of antibiotics in animals causes resistance in humans. Yeah, right. We’re using so many, that has to be part of the reason.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Veterinary
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Antibiotic Use
in Animal Health
Understanding FDA final VFD ruling



• Consumer attitudes
• Access to antibiotics
• VFD implementation timeline
• Final VFD rules
• Implementing a VFD
• Electronic VFDs
• Impact on Elanco



Consumer Attitudes



Consumer Attitudes
• Antibiotic use is a public health ... See more

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