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Prevention and Control of Bacterial Infections

 Stefan Schwarz
Description: Role of antimicrobial agents in animal health, Antimicrobial resistance can be based on: “real” resistance genes, mutations in target genes, up-regulation of multidrug transporters, and down-regulation of porins. What is antimicrobial resistance? In-vitro susceptibility testing in routine diagnostics, agar disk diffusion, broth microdilution, and layout panels for veterinary use are discussed.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Veterinary
Determination of Antimicrobial Resistance among Bacteria of Animal Origin:
Methodology, Breakpoints, Monitoring Stefan Schwarz
Institut f�r Tierzucht der Bundesforschungsanstalt f�r Landwirtschaft (FAL), Neustadt-Mariensee & Arbeitsgruppe "Antibiotikaresistenz" der Deutschen Veterin�rmedizinischen Gesellschaft (DVG) e.V.

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