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Disease Surveillance at VSD

 Frank Malone
Description: Disease Surveillance at VSD. Veterinary Sciences Division, Main site Stormont, Belfast, Diagnostic lab, Omagh, Co. Tyrone ~ 300 core staff. Disease Surveillance & Investigation Branch, Provide an animal disease surveillance service throughout NI. The large throughput of diagnostic submissions underpins statutory work in key areas. Key Science Areas, Surveillance for novel diseases, Changing patterns in endemic diseases, Potential introduction of notifiable diseases, Leptospirosis, Zoonotic infections. Disease surveillance definition, Ongoing systematic collection and collation of useful information about disease in a defined animal population, Timely analysis and interpretation of information, Dissemination of relevant outputs to customers and stakeholders. Disease surveillance objectives, Early identification of exotic diseases, Rapid detection of diseases, infections and intoxications intoxications, Early warning system for emerging diseases, Identification of emerging trends among existing diseases, Confirm absence of specific diseases or infections. Benefits of disease surveillance, Key role in informing policy on animal health and food safety, Key component of: Key component of: Northern Ireland animal health and welfare strategy, All-Island Animal Health and Welfare Strategy, which was agreed by NSMC Ministers in March 2010, Key role in detection of epizootic disease, Key role in support of export trade. Animal disease surveillance- scanning, Veterinary practitioner/farmer interactions, State (veterinary service) vets on farms, VSD animal disease diagnostic service, Abattoir surveillance.
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Disease Surveillance at VSD
Frank Malone

Veterinary Sciences Division
Main site Stormont, Belfast
Diagnostic lab, Omagh, Co. Tyrone
~ 300 core staff



Livestock numbers in NI – June 2010

• Cattle

- 1.6 million

– cows

- 0.54 million

• Pigs
• Poultry
• Sheep

- 0.42 million
- 16.53 million
- 1.85 million

– Ewes

- 0.89 million

• Ho ... See more

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