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Interprofessional Health Initiatives in Medicine: A Review

 Molly Courtenay
Description: A large amount of care is delivered in the primary healthcare setting and there have been policy drivers over the last decade or longer for interprofessional education and interprofessional collaboration amongst the human healthcare professions However, this has not included veterinary medical students and the concept of One Health. Journal of Interprofessional Care, Scoping Review. Aim To identify the extent, nature, and range of literature on interprofessional initiatives between the human health professions and veterinary medicine. An interprofessional focus but different terminology, Cross training, Interdisciplinary collaboration, Interprofessional collaboration Multiprofessional collaboration, Great variation across initiatives with regards to Objectives, Intervention , Participants, Outcomes, Focused on the development of skills required for interprofessional collaboration and patient care in the human healthcare setting. No consideration of the benefits for the environment or animals. Postgraduate programmes with broad range of topics under the One Health paradigm but little mention of interprofessional collaboration. Evidence of impact on team processes/interactions at the human, environmental, animal interface is extremely limited. This is in-line with evidence from human healthcare.
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Domain: Medical
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Interprofessional Initiatives Between the
Human Health Professions and Veterinary
Medical Students: A Scoping Review

Professor Molly Courtenay

Journal of Interprofessional Care
Prof Molly Courtenay (University of Surrey, UK)
Prof Patricia A. Conrad (University of California, Davis, US)
Prof Michael Wilkes (University of California, Davis, US)
Prof Roberto La Ragione (University of Surrey, UK)
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Molly Courtenay
25 May, 2014