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Genomic Data Visualization and Interpretation

 Malachi Griffith, Obi Griffith, Zachary Skidmore
Description: This paper contains details about "Genomic Data Visualization and Interpretation". Genomic data refers to genome and DNA data of an organism. Genomics research has exploded with rapid advances in DNA sequencing technologies.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Imaging
Contributing Organization: EVOLUTION AND GENOMICS
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Genomic data visualization and

Malachi Griffith, Obi Griffith, Zachary Skidmore
Evomics, Workshop on Genomics
Jan 11, 2019
Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

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Malachi Griffith, PhD

Obi Griffith, PhD

Zachary Skidmore, MSc

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Genetics
Assistant Director, MGI

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