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Introduction to Medical Imaging

 Klaus Mueller
Description: Milestone applications: a publication of The Theory of Sound (Lord Rayleigh, 1877). the discovery of piezoelectric effect (Pierre Curie, 1880)- enabled generation and detection of ultrasonic waves. first practical use in World War One for detecting submarines. followed by- nondestructive testing of metals (airplane wings, bridges), seismology. first clinical use for locating brain tumors (Karl Dussik, Friederich Dussik, 1942). the first gray scale images were produced in 1950 - in real time by Siemens device in 1965. electronic beam-steering using phased-array technology in 1968. popular technique since the mid-70s. substantial enhancements since mid-1990.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Imaging
Contributing Organization: Stony Brook University
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Introduction to Medical Imaging
Ultrasound Imaging

• non-invasive
• inexpensive
• portable
• excellent temporal resolution
• noisy
• low spatial resolution

Klaus Mueller

US guided biopsy

Samples of clinical applications
• echo ultrasound

Computer Science Department
Stony Brook University

Milestone applications:
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Introduction to Medical Imaging

Most historical data and some images were taken from a similar presentation by Dr. Thomas Liu, UC San Diego Other images are due to (list not complete): Joe Kniss, U Utah. Gordon

Klaus Mueller
11 July, 2017

Introduction to Medical Imaging

Computer Science Department, Grey Level Transformation, Multi-Image Operations, Discrete Filters, Popular Discrete Filters, Multi-Pass Filtering, Global and Local Filtering, Multi-

Klaus Mueller
29 November, 2010