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Interagency Working Group on Medical Imaging Meeting

 Christian Eusemann PhD
Description: Data Sharing Establish more repositories Help develop curated data Remove more restrictions for industry usage. Technology We donít know what exists What can we learn from you? Are we reinventing over and over again? Focus is heavily on curing disease. Diagnostics is important, but receives less focus Using big data and deep learning, can we better define the correct care pathway What treatment? When to start? Who to screen? Do we need genomics? Can imaging be a companion diagnostics? Focus on Diagnostics brings us closer to Precision / Personalized Medicin
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Domain: Medical
Category: Imaging
Washington, DC / March 24thth, 2016

Interagency Working Group on Medical Imaging Meeting
Christian Eusemann, PhD – VP, Collaborations

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• Impact
• Technology and Data Transfer
• Diagnostics vs Therapy
• Precision Medicine

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