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Technologist-Radiologist's Changing Role in Breast Imaging

 Joanne Ceccarelli and Benoît Mesurolle
Description: Paper is about The Changing role of the Technologist/Radiologist in Breast Imaging, History of Breast Imaging, Studies and Pilot Projects, Function of the Cedars Breast Clinic, Future Objectives, Technologist’s responsibilities, Advanced Practice for Technologists, Studies Pilot Projects and Studies, British Columbia’s Experience, Data Base Creation, To evaluate the time taken to read films, The Netherlands Systematic Review, Radiographer’s Background, Materials and Method.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Imaging
The Changing role of the Technologist/Radiologist in Breast Imaging
Joanne Ceccarelli RT Beno�t Mesurolle MD

The Techs

To investigate the roles and trends that have evolved in breast imaging To increase comprehension of the impact these breast imaging modalities have had on technologists and radiologists working in this field

History of Breast Imaging Stud ... See more

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