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Drowning: Resuscitation & Management

 Jeremy S. Garrett MD
Description: Drowning usually occurs silently and rapidly. Treatment remains essentially supportive care. Prevention is key for reducing M & M from drowning. Multisystem organ failure may ensue. Neurologic & Cardiac complications are most severe. Initial lay person rescue at the scene. Emergency medical team or paramedic response. At Scene, Resuscitate Child to Restore Cardiac Output, Oxygenation, & Acid-base status. Ignore Down time that child may have had during initial resuscitative phase. Airway Patency is Critical, Clear airway debris before attempting to ventilate in the field.
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Resuscitation & Management
Jeremy S. Garrett, MD
Associate Professor
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Department of Pediatrics

Saint Louis University
Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center

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